Building forms in Microsoft Access 2019

In this section, you will learn how to create forms using the wizard,become familiar with form views, insert data as a new record using aform, navigate and modify data in form view, create form headers andfooters, and use a form’s search facility. You will also learn how toadd existing fields to a form.

Once you have set up tables on a database and entered the relevantinformation into a Datasheet View, youwill be ready to create other objects on the database. If you don’t setup tables, you won’t have a foundation to create objects on. Enteringdata into a table is done in exactly the same way as you would in Excel2019, which we covered in the Identifying rows, columns, andcells section in Chapter 8,Formatting, Manipulating, and Presenting Data Visually.

A form is used to enter information, just as youwould enter records into a table datasheet, and is typically created forend users who do not have permission to make changes to the tabledesign or field properties. It is a user-friendly way of entering datainto a table. It makes the job of the users of the database morepleasant when displaying, entering, and maintaining records. A tablestructure has to be set up prior to creating a form. When entering datainto a form, it is automatically updated to therelevant table. 

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