Buy power supply picky eyes? Enough to see here

Under the constant emphasis of the editor, now the small partners installed, the power supply should pay more attention to it. First we have to ensure that the power is sufficient, and then …… then exactly what indicators are most important, I guess many partners are not so clear. In fact, in the previous push, I mentioned the new power supply standard ATX 2.52, from its design can now be seen in the power supply in the end what indicators are most important.


So, just look at the two power supply channels the higher the current power supply is the better? Not really. It just solves the problem of whether the main accessories are powered enough, and now the GPU and CPU will rest at a reduced frequency when their workload is not heavy, with less power, less heat, and quieter fans. To match their rest, the current better still be lower, which is why the ATX 2.52 has a larger current variation range.


So, in addition to the 12V power supply, the other is not important? I did not say so Oh, for example, now more and more USB devices, the speed is getting higher, then the +5VSB power supply can not be too small. As for the main power supply to the hard disk and other devices such as 3.5V and other lines of power supply current is now really not important, generally have a 10A almost enough, you say what? To do disk arrays and file servers, find more than 20A is not difficult.


So, how much power should be selected for the power supply? 12V is the main output power, so its high power supply capacity also means a significant increase in total power, such as the use of high-end processors and high-end graphics cards, then the two outputs will have to reach more than 15A, because the two outputs will have an impact on each other, so the combined current to reach 38A ~ 40A, the corresponding total power will need at least 500W.


It should be noted that large brands of power supplies will generally take into account the interaction of different voltage outputs to give the true total power, some power supplies either do not mark, or receive the sum of the various voltage outputs to give the so-called maximum power, in this case, we can generally multiply it by a factor of 0.75 to 0.8, you can calculate its true stable power.


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