C disk space is not enough to automatically clean up in addition to look at these directories

Many of our partners never have enough space on the C drive, not to mention the partition capacity, even if the terabyte level SSD, hard drive directly as the C drive, after six months and then look at it may have used up a large part of it. After using software or system functions to automatically clean up a little better, but always feel that there is still a considerable amount of capacity do not know where to go. Excluding occasional system bugs, a few fairly important, clean-up software and not too bold to deal with the directory may be the biggest suspect.


Let’s start here, here by default we have extra disk drive, hard drive to store files, tools and other data, all files are put into C drive, then the space is definitely owed to reduce. If the C drive partition is too small, you can refer to our previous push to expand the space, if the C drive is the entire hard drive, then it is better to install a mechanical hard drive for those not commonly used “cold data” it. Some of the solutions below are also based on the premise that other partitions and hard drive space are larger.


The QQ and WeChat partners who use the cleanup software will see that it has cleaned up the temporary files and take it lightly, but in fact they still leave a potentially huge directory of incoming files. the QQ incoming files, including the cell phone and computer reciprocal file directory that many people use now are in DocumentsTencent FilesQQ numberFileRecv. You can organize it by yourself. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been using the internet for a long time.


Under the Tencent Files look for WeChat transmission, receive file directory partners can stop, because it is in DocumentsWeChat FilesWeChat idFileStorageFile, also need to organize themselves to streamline. You say why the software of the same company is not put in a directory, I do not know. By the way, if space is tight, it is best to turn off the “Auto Download” function in the WeChat settings to reduce temporary files, after all, it is also very troublesome to use cleaning software.



There are also some system directories that can be overlooked, such as the first two folders are located in the “Documents” folder, look at the total capacity of the Documents directory, I guess many of you will be shocked. So if there are no particularly large project files in the document, I suggest you click on the “Location” tab in the properties page and use the “Move” function to convert it to another hard drive or partition with more space. Other similar directories, such as the system’s picture and video directory can also be handled in this way.



Many partners have a particularly bad habit of putting many files and directories directly on the desktop, click to see the capacity of this directory, several GB or even higher is possible. In addition, often to download something from the Internet at random, after using it regardless, then the system’s default download directory may have long exploded in capacity. It is recommended that you promptly delete useless files in this directory, and transfer useful but uncommon files, commonly used to the data storage disk or the corresponding directory of the C disk.


If you are using a discrete graphics card, you should pay attention to the fact that there should be an AMD or NVIDIA directory on your C drive, and if you upgrade your drivers often, it may have a significant capacity. This directory is mainly unpacked drivers, in order to facilitate the repair or rollback after the emergence of bugs, after the installation of the driver to retain the original file, you can keep one or two newer versions of the driver directory, the other can be deleted directly.


Some C disk tension partners will be regardless of all can set their own directory into the large capacity mechanical hard drive, I also do not recommend doing so. For example, it is now very large office, design software installation directory, gamer partners Steam game installation directory, system download folder, desktop folder, etc. The data inside is huge, frequently used, access speed has a great impact on the experience, or stay on the high-speed disk is good, just remember to organize often.



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