Software recommendation: Camtasia 9 to make wonderful GIF

If you pay a little attention to the point will find that GIF animation is now very widely used, the web page in the motion picture, some technical public operation in the video screen, WeChat and other chat tools in the small motion picture, these are in fact GIF animation. In addition to the commonly used GIF production gadgets LICEcap, GIFcam, the famous screen recording tool – Camtasia 9, can also produce wonderful GIF animation.

Screen operation to GIF

Operation demonstration GIF is usually used in some technical articles with pictures, in the early days are text descriptions with static pictures to introduce the operation of the steps, writing people effort, watching people hard, and through the dynamic GIF illustrations can be a good demonstration of the steps, and the volume is very small, especially suitable for mobile devices such as cell phones to browse.

First open Camtasia 9, click the “Record” button at the top left of the main interface, a dashed box will appear, adjust the size to cover the recording area (Figure 1), click the rec button to start recording. After recording, click the “Stop” button or press F10 to end the recording, then it will automatically switch to the main interface, as the GIF file does not need audio, right-click the audio on the track and select “Delete” to delete the audio.


In order to watch the mouse operation clearly, you can make the mouse pointer more eye-catching, so that the mouse operation has a change, click the “pointer effect” can see the appearance of the mouse in three states (Figure 2), the “pointer effect” in the ” Pointer highlighting” drag and drop on the track, then you will see the mouse pointer around the yellow bright spot, very eye-catching. Click the “Properties” button to modify the pointer effect, such as changing the color, transparency and size, etc., add fade in and fade out effect.


Next, click the “left-click” button (Figure 3), select the “left-click target” dragged onto the track, play the recorded tutorial, you will see the left-click when the mouse pointer will appear waves. Click “right-click”, drag and drop “right-click wave” to the track, so that the operation of the recorded animation, any mouse operation will have obvious changes, so that the disadvantage of no sound can be avoided.


In the recorded tutorials, there are some places that do not need to be recorded full-screen, as long as part of the location is highlighted, which can be used to achieve local zoom. Click “Animation” (Figure 4), and then adjust the size of the box in “Zoom and Pan”, at this time in the playback window you can see the full-screen display of the coverage area. Drag the playback ruler to the position to be restored, and then drag the box to adjust the original area to be covered, so that it can be restored. The length of the frame can be adjusted by dragging and dropping to create an animation effect.


After finished, select menu “Share→Local File” pop-up dialog box, select “GIF-animation file”, click “Next” to select “Frame rate” (Figure 5), screen operation class GIF animation, frame rate as long as 5 frames to ensure that the process is smooth, click “Next” again to set the animation size, select “Custom “, the general width of about 600 on the line, click the “Preview” button can watch the animation. Click “Next” to select the save folder, the output GIF animation. 1 minute or so of GIF, 2M are less.


Funny shots to make GIFs

There are a lot of funny little animations on the web, some of these animations are self-taken and added to the material, some are intercepted and spliced from movies and TV shows. …… can also make such funny GIFs in Camtasia 9.

First of all, right-click in the media library and select “Import Media”, select the video used to produce GIFs, as to intercept the required part of the video, drag the play ruler on the track to the desired location, click the “Split” button to cut the video into two segments, do not need the Right-click the part you don’t need and select “Delete” to keep the part of the video you need to intercept by this method. Click the “Transition” button, drag and drop the desired transition between the two videos (Figure 6), select the transition effect, click the “Properties” button to modify the parameters of the transition effect.


Usually funny GIF animation will be paired with the finishing touch of text, click the “Notes” button (Figure 7), there are a variety of styles of comment box to choose from, drag and drop to the track to modify the text inside, click the “Properties” button, you can modify the style of the text. You can also set the shape, background color, etc. of the comment box. The comment box on the track can be dragged from the edge to set the display time of the text.


Some funny GIF animation is achieved by changing the playback speed of the animation, for example, increase the playback speed is fast action, reduce the playback speed is slow action, select the video on the track, right-click and select “add clip speed”, modify the value of “speed”, greater than 1 is accelerated, less than 1 is decelerated (Figure 8).


GIF motion pictures have been played by everyone, smaller than small videos, more expressive than ordinary static pictures, more and more people are keen to use motion pictures to express their emotions, friends who need it may want to try.

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