Can not take the pulse of the double 11 These two tools to understand the

We have talked about what to buy in two consecutive issues of this year’s double 11, I do not know how many partners heart planted. What? You say that now the merchants play too fancy, and the activities of the day and the day of purchase, and the so-called double 11 days, more return offers, in the end should be when to start really confused. So, let’s take a look at how to use some magic tools to avoid these troubles, so you can buy convenient and not lose it.


Jing price insurance No waiting to chop at any time

First of all, I would like to say that the partners of Jingdong, installed a browser plug-in called Jing price protection, you can directly chop in these days, do not have to wait for the event day or double 11 positive day. This plug-in actually makes use of Jingdong’s price protection mechanism, after buying something, if there is a price reduction within a certain period of time, you can apply for price protection, Jingdong refund the difference, or give away the difference in the equivalent amount of Jingdong coupons, Jingdong beans.


Jingguibao is easy to install and use. It supports Chrome and Firefox. Once installed, just log in to your Jingdong account and JingPrice will start working. It can read your orders for the past 15 days, automatically check the price changes of the products, automatically apply for price protection for you, and get a refund when you succeed.


Shopping Party Break the price opacity

Shopping Party is a price comparison tool that supports multiple e-commerce platforms and browsers. It supports common e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Taobao, Suning, etc. You can see how the prices of goods change at different times, and you can also compare the prices of the same goods on multiple platforms. You can also compare the price of the same product on multiple platforms. The goods that have been stealthily increased and then reduced in price will not be able to escape everyone’s eyes.


It also does more than just compare list prices, it automatically reminds you of what coupons you can stack with what you buy, and calculates the price to hand instead of the current list price. As for how to enjoy the lowest price, you do not have to work to find coupons to calculate the time, the shopping party will prompt you what coupons are available, the best time to use, etc.


Double 11 is a big event, on different e-commerce platforms, affected by different activities, coupons, etc., even the same product price of the manufacturer’s flagship store, especially the actual arrival price is also different, to figure out which side of the cheap, which day is most suitable to start is more difficult. So you want to get more benefits, buy things more worry-free, or hurry to ask for help from these shopping assistants.


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