What Is The Best Canon Raw Converter Software 2021

It is with no doubt that our mobile devices allow us to take photos conveniently. Nevertheless, such images cannot compare to those under professional cameras like Canon. With Canon, you will access high-definition, genuine pictures.

However, a Canon camera saves photos using its formats, either CRW or CR2. Although such photos are of high quality, they are not convenient to the web. That is, their file size is large, and hence you need a raw image viewer. For this reason, most people opt to convert images from the canon file extension; CR2 and CRW to some of the most common formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

You’ll need the best Raw converter software compatible with the CR2 format if you prefer the Canon camera brand. Canon RAW converters have the same functionality. Nevertheless, after accepting the same RAW data, each converter creates its image version.

The Canon RAW file editor is mainly used. The file editor is unique depending on the kind of RAW converter you use. All the tools that this article describes give you the freedom to edit your image and give you high image quality.

Best Canon Raw Converter Software

1.      BatchPhoto

BatchPhoto has batch-processing capabilities. Unlike most other programs, It can effectively convert hundreds of Canon raw files at ease. It has an easy-to-navigate interface that ensures there are no complications or confusion when using this raw converter.


The ease of using this software is that it is a 3-step Canon raw converter. In the first step, you only need to load your image. In the second step, edit the image as you like. In the final step, select the output format of your preference and folder.

This Canon raw converter can read various image files from almost all the cameras available, including Canon’s file extension. It also offers customized settings, including highlights, demosaicing and white balance.

The tool comes with top-optimization features to enhance your pictures. Here, you can access options like resizing, cropping, rotating, stamps or watermark images, changing the DIP, replacing colors, and adjusting the contrast, saturation, gamma levels, and brightness. It is possible to apply vintage frames, borders, and extensive artistic effects in the same vein.

BatchPhoto has more than you can find in any other Canon Raw editor. What makes it the most outstanding software is the unique features in improving your workflow. With this tool, you can save your settings as profiles. You can then load the profiles in another session. Keeping your settings helps eliminate the daunting task of repeating the same editing process over and over again.

The other feature that makes this tool exceptionally productive is the Folder Watch. The program monitors all the existing folders for newly added images and automatically applies a series of the customized edits you previously defined for that folder. For example, you can add a batch of Raw photos to such a folder, and the tool will automatically resize, rename and watermark them.


  • Reads over 170 image formats
  • Easily previews Canon raw images without opening a photo viewer
  • Converts Canon raw images to more than 70 image formats
  • Personalized editing
  • Easy share of output images
  • Perfect on Mac and windows

2.          Lightroom classic software

If you are looking for professional software for editing RAW photos, this standard option will not fail you with a complete package of top-grade tools, the best art setting, numerous print options, and countless output ways.

Downloading Adobe Lightroom gives you access to panorama and HDR stitching tools, fast performance, cloud integration, mobile app, and face recognition. In addition, you can adjust the light, color, and lens profile to meet your preference.


Lightroom uses rendering profiles to convert raw data into a visible, high-quality image. With this software, the option of altering the white balance of the image before processing is at your disposal.


  • Excellent print support
  • Mobile app
  • Lens Correction

3.          DxO PhotoLab software

If you are looking for a reliable image editor for your photos, DxO Photolab is another excellent choice. It smoothly converts RAW images to JPG. The most exciting fact is that you can add this software at Lightroom classic as a plugin.

This editing software gives you access to a vast collection of editing features; personalized profiles, manual and auto modes, color protection, presets, numerous export formats, and a customizable interface. In addition, you can also access the photoLibrary function.


The DxO Optics Pro is known for its RAW data transformations, integrated control tools, and laboratory lens control profiles.


  • Top-notch noise reduction
  • Innovative image improvements: Recovery tools, increased keyword functionality, and new color tools.
  • Excellent sharing options

4. Affinity Photo Software

Combining a pixel and a vector graphics environment, Affinity Photo is a great graphics design application. Its interface and capabilities are much similar to those of photoshop. As such, it is a serious competitor that stands out in the graphics industry. Affinity photo is much affordable and offers a lot.

From its masking, layering, and image retouching tools, you can access as much as photoshop offers and at an affordable price at Affinity. You can apply filter effects live on Affinity. Moreover, the retouching tools, HDR tonal display tools, and workspace are incredible.


  • Nice display
  • Digitalized painting
  • Enhanced toolset
  • High technical post-production on images


5.          Capture One Pro

Capture one is a Pro version of the Raw image editor. It allows storage of photos in collections and sessions alike. Collections allow one to sort images manually and annotations. On the other hand, Sessions allows one to group images by snapshots for clients.


With this Pro version, you can tag photos with unique tags using a keyword entry tool. For example, you can upload data directly to the online portfolio and capture one software format. Furthermore, you can even update your blog post and send gallery checks to your customers.

The top-of-art feature is the advanced color editing giving you flexibility with sliders.


  • Color Control

Create and control any color with advanced editing tools. Start editing Raw images with top-mos precision and realistic color processing.

  • Unique speed

Get seamless file organization, import, and export options through the incredible workflow tools. Perhaps the most incredible fact is that it lets you edit images without the interface.

  • Fast tethering

With the industry’s fast tethering process, you get access to ultimate assistance.

6.          ON1 Photo RAW


  • Adjustable lens profile
  • High compatibility; compatible with over 800 camera brands
  • Many high-quality filters
  • Face enhancement tools
  • JPEG, DNG, PNG, TIF, PSB, PSD layers support

It is yet another remarkable Canon Raw file editor. Considering the speed and functionality of ON1 Photo Raw, it is probably the fastest software to get your hands on out there. Unlike in other programs where you have to upload photos in Raw format to edit them, ON1 users don’t do all this. When using this program, you will only need to find and select images in your device’s storage; this saves a lot of time.


ON1 users access some of the advanced features counting: image enhancement solutions like live settings and previews, stackable filters, presets, and customizing options. ON1 Photo Raw is a standalone program; this means that it has a toolset that you can use to view/catalog images, among many other tools. Using the latest version, you can access more updated features, including A-I-based clipping and added image masking.

7.          Luminar

It is a universal photo editing tool store that offers customizable workspaces and a rich library of preset effects. You can either use it as a standalone or a plugin for Lightroom, Photoshop, or Apple.

The customizable workspaces allow you to apply an instant “look.” The Luminar editing store supports image layers and adjustment layers. Its users can catalog images through libraries as well as Lightroom keyboard shortcuts (non-destructive image editing). Moreover, you can get the options of sorting, labeling, and categorizing images in the editor’s library.


Its surging popularity is due to exclusive filters, the DJI drone’s special presets, and the AI slides.


  • Many filters, curves, and layers
  • User workspaces
  • AI photo fixes
  • Brushes and gradients for local adjustments

The Bottom Line

If you prefer Canon, you will need the best Canon Raw editor that is compatible with the.CR2 file format. Each of the Canon Raw converters in this article accepts the same Raw data but creates unique versions of the visible image. With the main testing criterion being the image quality, all these converters have an exemplary high ability to convert Raw.

The whole image editing process makes it necessary to convert Raw files from a Canon camera. Besides, Canon has a unique file extension that is not universal, and thus the need for special software to view images from this camera brand. Read through the article to know the best software to convert your Canon Raw files to common file formats like JPG.

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