Categorizing items in Microsoft Outlook 2019

To understand what categorizing items mean, you would need tounderstand the following:

  • What is meant by an item? An item is an emailmessage, a task, a calendar entry, a contact, or a note.
  • What is meant by categorizing? Categories arekeywords assigned by a color that helps you keep track of items.

Categorizing items allows you to filter, sort, and group with ease,according to categories. Categorize islocated on the Tags group on theribbon and is part of the Hometab. Click on the Categorizeicon from the Tags group, then fromthe drop-down list, a few default categories will populate. Clickon the All Categories… option toaccess the full list, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 364

Category names can be changed to suit your working environment andthe nature of the emails you deal with daily.

Color categories are not available when Outlook is configuredusing the Internet Message Access Protocol(IMAP) setting.

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