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Filmora Video Editor Review [Hands-on 2022]: Is It Worth The Money?

This is a guest post by Wondershare Video editing seems like a hugely time-consuming task, especially for newbies. But where tools like Photoshop require extreme skills, Filmora appears to be easier than most software available in the market. Plus, it includes various tools, effects, and templates, which is pretty fascinating for both new and existing … Read more

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6 Best Countdown Video Makers in 2022

The methods we use during video editing become more and more diverse over time. We might think that certain editing manipulations are too difficult to achieve, however, when we delve into the ways needed to create visual effects, it turns out that they are not as difficult as we might have thought. The countdown timer … Read more

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Easy Duplicate Finder Review: Efficient and Easy to Use Duplicate Remover [2021]

Effectiveness (5/5): It’s pretty efficient to find duplicates of documents, pictures, videos, or audio. Price (4/5): $39.95/year is expensive compared to similar software. Ease of Use (5/5): Only three steps are required to complete the operation. Support (4.2/5): There are comprehensive tech tips and it supports submitting a ticket. Summary Are there any duplicate files, … Read more

FreeFileSync Review: The Most Comprehensive File Syncing Solution in 2020

Ease of Use: 4.5/5 — Simple software, easy UI and flexible Effectiveness: 5/5 — Compatible, powerful and feature-rich Price: 5/5 — Completely free to use Support: 4/5 — Forum support and tutorial guides to help users Quick Summary FreeFileSync is by far one of the most powerful file synchronization software which can create and manage backups for all of your important files. This … Read more