Categorizing notes in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Notes are categorized just like other items in Outlook: Select the note you want to categorize. Click on the Categorize icon underthe Home tab. Select an existing category or click on All Categories… to assign a differentcategory to the new note.

Working with journal entries in Microsoft Outlook 2019

In this section, we will look at how to manipulate journal entries byrecording Outlook items and folders and learn how to edit a journalentry. The journal records actions that you choose that relate todifferent contacts and enters the information into atimeline. The journal can track meetings and email messages, aswell as other Office program files. The timeline … Read more

Tracking Outlook items and files in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Click on the three dots at the bottom-right of the NavigationPane. Choose Folders, then locate Journal. In this view, you will see anypreviously tracked items and you will be able to create new ones: Click on the Home tab, then selectJournal Entry from the New group to create a new entry. Enter asubject for the journal entry. … Read more

Setting out-of-office options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

If you are going to be away from your desk or office for a longperiod of time (for example, if you are going on holiday or to aconference), you can set up an automatic reply that notifies others thatyou are unable to respond to incoming email messages: Click on File, then choose Automatic Replies from … Read more

Creating a note in Microsoft Outlook 2019

A note is a useful space to jot down thoughts andideas within Outlook 2019. You can drag notes from Outlook 2019 to yourWindows desktop so that they are always visible, even when you are notin the Outlook application. Notes can be categorized in the same way asany other item within Outlook: Click on the three dots … Read more