Editing a meeting series in Microsoft Outlook 2019

If you have set a recurring appointment and wish to edit the entireseries, simply open the appointment. A dialog box will prompt you tochoose whether you would like to edit the series or just the appointmentyou clicked on: Click on The entire series, thenmake the changes to the appointment. Click on Save & Close when … Read more

Forwarding an appointment in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Navigate to the calendar and click on an appointment to selectit. From the Appointment tab, click onthe Forward icon: A new email will open, listing all the information about themeeting. Enter a recipient in the To: text area. Click on the Send icon to forward the message.

Sharing a calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2019

It is possible to share your calendar with other contacts as well asto ask permission to gain access to their calendars. When sharing yourcalendar, you can choose to share only certain details, such asthe Availability Only, Limited Details, or Full Calendar details: Open your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon at the bottom ofthe Navigation Pane. … Read more

Setting the response options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Before sending a meeting request, you can set the response options.If you would like the recipient to be prompted to accept, reject, ortentatively accept the meeting request, then you need to check whetherthese options have been selected. You can also request a new timeslot ifthe meeting time does not suit you. By default, both of … Read more

Updating a meeting request in Microsoft Outlook 2019

To update a meeting request, double-click on the appointment in yourcalendar. Once the appointment is open, change the details to updatethem: Once you are done, you need to click on the Send Update icon to resend the meetingto all of the recipients so that their calendars adjustaccordingly.

Proposing a new time for a meeting in Microsoft Outlook 2019

If you are unable to make the time of a meeting request, a new timecan be proposed and sent to the sender: Open the meeting request from your inbox. Click on the Propose New Time iconunder the Meeting tab: Choose either Tentative and Propose NewTime or Decline and Propose NewTime to choose a time that you are available: … Read more