System hacks: change the font size of window components as you like

In the previous lower versions of Windows 10, we could change the font size of the window title bar, menu, palette title, message box and tooltip through the “Display” setting respectively. However, the new version of Windows 10 has removed the entrance to change these settings, so we need to use the registry or third-party software to finish the above font changes in Windows 10.

1. registry modification method

Press the Win+R key combination to open the “Run” dialog box and execute the REGEDIT command to start the registry editor. DEFAULTControl PaneldesktopWindowMetrics” item in the Registry Editor window, this branch saves the information about the fonts of the display window components. Among them, the numeric item IconFont is used to set the icon font; the item CaptionFont sets the title bar font; the item MenuFont sets the menu font; the item SmCaptionFont sets the color palette title font; the item StatusFont sets the status bar font; the item MessageFont sets the message bar font (Figure 1).


Double-click one of the items, the numerical data of the corresponding item font size will be displayed in secondary system and hexadecimal. Among them, the default value F4 starting with the paragraph F4 FF FF FF means that the small size five (9 pounds) is used. If you want to modify the font size to five (10.5 pounds), simply change F4 to F2 (Figure 2). When you have finished modifying, log out and restart the system.


Tip: Since the font size of Windows components can be set manually through the display settings in systems lower than Windows 10, the correspondence between common font sizes and hexadecimal codes can be derived by manually modifying the font size and observing the changes of the corresponding values in the registry (see the attached table).


2. Software modification method

In addition to editing the registry to modify the font size of the window components, we can also use the third-party tool software System Font Size Changer for Windows 10 to modify. In the software, select the item you want to modify the font size, and then use the slider to adjust the font size (Figure 3).


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