Changing slide layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Often, when you insert a slide, a certain layout is appliedautomatically. You can change the layout before you add content or aftercontent is inserted into the slide. The Layout option is also very useful whencopying slides from other presentations into a new or existingpresentation as it refreshes the layout and fixes common slide design,background, or font issues. Follow these steps:

  1. To change a slide layout, click on the slide you wish to change thelayout of in the presentation. Continue to use the presentation from theprevious example.
  2. Click on the Home tab and locatethe Layout icon.
  3. Click the Layout icon and select alayout from the list provided.
  4. Note that the slide layout from the inserted slide (slide3) is also an option in the Layout drop-down list.
  5. For this example, we will change the layout of slide 2 tothe Content with Caption layout:
ms office 591
  1. After you’ve selected a layout from the list, the selected slidewill be updated with the new layout.

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