Changing text orientation in Microsoft Excel 2019

It is possible to rotate or reposition data in a cell on a worksheet.This option will not apply to merge cells. Text orientation is a greattool to rotate text vertically in a cell or cells so that it providesmore space on the worksheet when working with a huge number of columns.By changing the angle of text in the cell, information can fit onto aspecific area of the worksheet.

  1. Select or highlight the cells you wish to rotate.
  2. Go to HomeAlignment.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow of the Orientation icon.
  4. Select the alignment type from the list, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 730
  1. At the bottom of the drop-down list, click on the Format Cell Alignment option to accessfurther alignment options. In this dialog box, you will be able tospecify custom rotation degrees and other format cellchanges. 
  2. If you need to align data to a specific angle size (for example,42⁰), then you would need to access the Format Cell Alignment dialog box. In theFormat Cells dialog box, make sure youare on the Alignment tab. 
  3. Type the angle size into the textbox provided, or use the slider todrag to the orientation position of your choice. Click on the OK command at the bottom of the dialogbox to confirm the changes.

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