Changing the chart scale in Microsoft Excel 2019

Microsoft Excel always determines the scale of the axis by defaultfrom the data on the worksheet. Sometimes, the minimum to maximum scalerange determined by the application is a bit too large and could impactthe visual appearance of the chart. The vertical value axis (also knownas the y axis) can be altered by visiting the Format Axis pane to the right of theworksheet data:

  1. Click on the chart to edit.
  2. Double click the Vertical (Value)Axis on the chart to open the Format Axis pane, or
    Select the chart, then select the Vertical(Value) Axis option from the Format tab ribbon.
  3. From the Current Selection group,choose the Format Selectionicon. 
  4. This will open the Format Axispane to the right of the worksheet.
  5. Click to edit the scale of minimum or maximum axis—for this example,we have altered the Minimum value toread -30000.0 and the Maximum value to read 10000.0, as can be seen in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 680
  1. The chart is updated immediately with the new axis values.

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