Changing the chart’s quick layout in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

On the Design tab of the ChartTools contextual menu, you will find all the tools you can use tomanipulate charts. Using a style from the Quick Layout icon will save the user a hugeamount of time. Each option in the list will change the overall layoutof the chart as each includes multiple chart elements. Click on them toinvestigate them and how they will be applied to your chart.

If you prefer to edit the entire chart type and options, you willuse the Change Chart Type icon at theend of the Design tab ribbon:

ms office 739

Switch Row/Column is also availablevia the Select Data icon (located onthe Design tab). This feature allowsyou to switch the x and y chart axes. It is important to note that thisis not active by default (grayed out) and this doesn’t mean that it isnot working or that there is a problem:

ms office 37
  1. To switch the x and y axes around, select the chart.
  2. Click on DesignSwitch Row/Column from the Data group. If the icon is not active andappears grayed out, then you must click on the Edit Data icon to locate the correct option(using the datasheet within PowerPoint will not make the featureactive):
ms office 58
  1. Click on Edit Data in Excel.
  2. Microsoft Excel will launch and display the chart data.
  3. The Switch Row/Column icon stillwon’t be active and will remain inactive until you physically select thedata range (even if the data is selected when Excel opens, you’ll needto reselect the range).
  4. Click back on the chart in PowerPoint.
  5. The Switch Row/Columnicon will now be active.
  1. Click on the Switch Row/Columnicon to update the data on the PowerPoint slide:
ms office 781
  1. If you are happy with the visual change, then close the Excelapplication.

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