Changing the font colors in Microsoft Word 2019

  1. Select some text and locate the font color icon on the toolbar:
ms office 377
  1. In the preceding screenshot, the Aicon has a colored line directly below it. This indicates what the lastselected font color was. If you select some text and then click on thisicon, the selected document text will change to this color. The icon’sline color is black by default. To change the color, click on the arrownext to the font color icon. A color palette will appear, where you canselect a different color. 
  1. Click on the More Colors… optionin the font drop-down list. A dialog box will appear, where you canselect from a palette of additional colors:

ms office 865

  1. By clicking on the Custom optionabove the color wheel, you are able to select specific tones of colorusing either the RGB or HSL color models:
ms office 234
  1. Once a specific shade of color is selected for a particular purpose,it is always a good idea to jot down the RGB color model numbers. Thisway, if you want to produce the exact same color again—for example, forsome promotional material for a marketing brochure—you can type in thespecific RGB colors into the relevant fields to get the same color. Thisis especially useful when working across multiple Office 2019applications.
To change a paragraph’s fill color, use the fill bucket icon locatedunder the Paragraph group. Apply thecolor to text or an entire paragraph by selecting the text.Alternatively, use the borders and shading icon, also located under theParagraph group. Select the desiredoption in the Apply To: drop-down list box.

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