Changing the form’s background color in Microsoft Access 2019

The form’s background color can be edited in exactly the same way asany other element you format—using the fill bucket. The view you choosewill determine the method used:

  1. Continue to use the example form from the previous section. View theform in Design view or Layout view. 
  2. Click on the background of the form. Do not click on a field textboxor object as the options you require will not be present.
  3. Click on the Fill/Back Colordrop-down arrow, and then select the background color of your choice toapply to the form. Alternatively, use the fill bucket located in theshortcut menu when you right-click your mouse to choose a color: 
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You have now learned how to add a background color to a form. Theseskills work in exactly the same way in forms and reports in Access 2019.We will now learn how to apply a theme to a form.

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