Changing the slide orientation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Slide layouts are landscape by default in PowerPoint and are alwaysthe same throughout the presentation. You cannot have some slides inportrait format and others in landscape format. When the orientation ischanged, the entire presentation will update to the new orientation. Tochange the orientation, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Design | Customize | Orientation, and the following optionswill appear:

ms office 710

  1. Choose Portrait from the Orientation options, after which you will beasked to select a scaling option, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 282

  1. If you have graphical objects on the slide and you change the slideorientation, you may find that the objects shift around. Try switchingbetween Maximize and Ensure Fit to alleviate too much change, butit may be necessary to reposition objects after changing theorientation. The following screenshot shows an example of this:

ms office 117

Note that it is possible to link two presentations together (oneportrait and one landscape). To change the orientation of notes,handouts, and outlines, visit the relevant icon on the Slide Size dialog box.

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