Software recommendation: cheat social friends to create alternative hidden map

There are many ways to socialize on the Internet, such as WeChat, QQ, microblogging, forums, etc. When communicating with your network friends among them, pictures often become an excellent way to express your emotions. Today I share a few tips on mapmaking, with its alternative method of hiding pictures in pictures, to achieve the effect of surprising your friends.

White pictures to hide secret language beauty

The default background of many instant messaging software and social networking site pages is white. Once we process the text or graphics into white, we can achieve the effect of temporary hiding. However, in order for the hidden content to be shown, the image itself must have a transparent background so that it can be unobtrusive. Making a transparent background image can be easily achieved with Photoshop (this example uses the CS5 version).

First of all, find a picture that you want to hide (Figure 1), but of course you can draw it yourself if you have art skills. Open the picture in Photoshop, and then expand the Layers panel, double-click the “Background” layer, a new layer dialog box pops up, directly click “OK” can be (Figure 2). Because the background is a specific layer locked, you must turn it into a normal layer by this step.


Figure 1 Any picture you want to hide


Figure 2 Converting a locked background layer to a normal layer

The background of the graph in this example is a simple pure white, which is easy to decompose. Click the “Select → Color Range” menu command to open a dialog box, the default has been set to “Sample Color”, move the cursor to the graph, click on the white background, the preview will show the selection of the situation, the selected part of the white, unselected The selected part is white and the unselected part is black. Drag the color tolerance slider to fine-tune the selection range (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Selecting background by color tolerance

Click the “OK” button to return to the main interface, press the Del key to delete, the background color is cleared, you can press Ctrl + D keys to cancel the selection at this time. Now the background is displayed as a small square, it is used to represent the transparent background, ignore it for the time being, the following we will turn the figure into white.

Press Ctrl+U to quickly adjust the phase/saturation window, check the “coloring” item in the lower right corner to turn all colors into a single color. Next, set the lightness to 100, and the figure will become pure white (Figure 4).


Figure 4 Turning the graphic to pure white

Click “OK” to return to the main interface. Next, click the menu command “File→Save as Web and Device Format”, keep the default GIF format, and click the “Save” button to export the current image as a GIF graphic file (Figure 5).


Figure 5 Exporting a GIF graphic with transparent background

When you import the transparent GIF image you created above into QQ, there will be no trace of it, and the only way to see the contents of the image is to double-click it to open it (Figure 6). If you are using this image in WeChat, you can only show the content of the image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Multi-select” (Figure 7).



Hide picture in vertical and horizontal picture

Besides hiding the picture by the background color as above, we can also hide the picture into another picture, and only when you press Ctrl+A to select all, the hidden picture will be shown vaguely.

First of all, prepare several picture materials, of which the background of the main picture is preferably more complex, so that it is easy to disguise. The other picture to be hidden can be relatively simple (Figure 8).


Figure 8 The main diagram and the diagram that needs to be hidden

Next is the very critical grid diagram, which can be seen when zoomed in partially, resembling a chess board; note that the non-black part of it is transparent (Figure 9). This image can be created by yourself in a very simple way: create a very small image with a transparent background of 2×2 pixels in size, blacken the two diagonal pixel dots; then create a normal sized image with a patterned fill with the graph you just created, and you have a quick grid graph.

If you are too lazy to create your own, you can also download the grid chart material from the Internet (


Figure 9 Grid map

Import all the above three images into the same image file, with each image occupying a separate and independent layer, with the main image at the bottom, the image to be hidden in the middle, and the grid image at the top. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click on the icon of the grid map in the Layers panel to select all the black dots in the grid. Next, select the hidden layer and press the Del key continuously to delete it, you will see that the hiding is getting faded and the main image is gradually shown (Figure 10).

In order to preview the effect in real time, you can press Ctrl+H to hide the selection temporarily before operation. Wait until the hidden image fades to an imperceptible level, stop deleting it and export it as a GIF image as described above. Post this image to QQ, Weibo, etc. Only when friends press Ctrl+A to select all, the hidden image will be hidden.


Figure 10 Combined material map

WeChat-specific hide-a-picture hacks

At the end of this article, we’ll share another WeChat hide-a-picture tip that makes full use of the features of WeChat itself, which are not applicable elsewhere.

As we know, when sending a big picture in WeChat, because of the size limitation of the cell phone screen, the picture can’t be displayed completely, only a small part in the middle is shown, and only by clicking open can we see the whole picture. So we can make a big picture in advance in any image editing software (such as Windows comes with drawing), write “click to open a surprise” and so on in the middle, and then put spoof content in the corners of the picture, or words you are ashamed to confess directly.

Send this picture to your friend, he will first see the middle of the attractive words, until you click to open it, you will find that you are fooled, it is another “surprise” content (Figure 11).


Figure 11 Long bar graph of hidden messages in WeChat

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