Software recommendation: check the health and performance of your hard drive

Mechanical hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) have a limited lifespan and both present security risks in use. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific performance and usage of the hard drive and to grasp the health of the drive in a timely manner to ensure system security. We can use a small software, HDDExpert, to check the performance and health of the hard drive in order to provide a reliable basis for the safe use of the drive.

Run HDDExpert, the software will automatically detect the hard disk mounted in the system, including SSD and HDD mechanical hard disk, while automatically detecting various parameters of the hard disk. The parameters are displayed in two areas: General and Details/SMART Attributes.

When you click on the icon of the hard drive you want to view in the General column, the information containing the manufacturer, model, capacity, firmware version, serial #, etc. of the hard drive is immediately displayed below the hard drive icon. The three icons in the middle column, from top to bottom, display the drive’s current temperature, number of power-ups, total usage time, and other parameters, respectively. In the right pane, the hard drive temperature, health status, fan upgrade recommendation, backup purchase recommendation, and other information are displayed (Figure 1).


Tip: If the displayed temperature is not our usual Celsius, you can select it through the software menu command “Options→Temperature” (Figure 2).


If you are viewing a HDD mechanical drive, in addition to the basic parameters mentioned above, a Cache Size will be displayed at the bottom (Figure 3).


The parameters of the drive go beyond the above, the SMART attributes of the drive contain many aspects. For this reason, the software dedicates a detailed list of SMART attributes and converts it into easy-to-read information. The specific information can be read through the Details/SMART Attributes area (Figure 4).


If you need to export this detailed report to a file or print it, you can do so via the Export menu and select Text to export to a TXT file.

HDDExpert provides a clear “look into” the health and performance of the hard drive, not only providing basic parameters and health indicators, but also listing detected failures and providing recommendations for various maintenance (such as fan upgrades, spare purchases, backups, etc.) based on the number of failures detected on the drive. ). We need to use this tool well.

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