Checking the compatibility mode of a file in Microsoft Office 2019

If you have different versions of a Microsoft office file installedon your computer or receive a workbook saved in a previous version, itwill open in compatibility mode. Compatibility modeuses a checker to list areas of your document that may not be supportedor that perform differently in previous versions.

Sometimes, the checker doesn’t convert these changes, even though youused compatibility mode. These changes couldaffect charts, WordArt, texteffects, shapes, textboxes, embedded objects, and soon.

If you open a workbook that was created in an earlier version ofExcel, compatibility mode is turned on and is visible on the title barafter the filename and extension. This is to protect the previousversions of the workbook so that if you want to make changes to thedocument, no new features in Excel 2019 are available.

To check which mode a document that you have opened uses, take thefollowing steps:

  1. Openthe YearlyProductSales.xls workbook.
  2. Notice that the [CompatibilityMode] text appears after the filename on the Exceltitle bar. This means that the workbook is saved in a previous versionof Excel.
  3. Go to File | Info.
  4. From the Check forIssues drop-down button, select an optionfrom InspectDocument, CheckAccessibility, and CheckCompatibility:
ms office 556
  1. Click on CheckCompatibility. A dialog box pops up, indicating any compatibilityissues.

If any compatibility issues are found, then they are itemized in thedialog box, which offers the option to fix them. The easiest way to fixthese issues is to convert the document into the newest versionof Excel. We will explain how to do this in the nextsection.

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