Software recommendation: clear organization, hire an indexing expert

In order to improve the efficiency of information access, many times it is necessary to create indexes, including indexes in text, indexes of documents, keyword indexes, etc. If you add items or links manually, it will be very inefficient. With the help of Index Author, a free software, it is very easy to create indexes for all kinds of information.

The Index Author software does not need to be installed, just download and unpack it and run the only EXE file directly. After starting the software a wizard will appear, giving an overview of the 3 types of index creation, and you can directly click on the relevant item to enter the creation of that type of index. After that, you can always use the function buttons on the left navigation bar to operate (Figure 1).


Creating an index for text

To create an index for a text, click the Text Index option. In the text index creation window, first through the Search button to specify the index to be created TXT or Word document; click the next button, specify the page number, index creation criteria, etc., to complete the settings and index creation (Figure 2).


Among them, the page number can be selected as a separate index tag for each line, or you can set yourself that a line in the document corresponds to a certain index tag. In the Criteria setting, you can specify the case, whether to display the list of whitelist and blacklist, etc.

After the parameters are set, click the Create Index button to create the index. The created index will appear in the window with a preview of its contents, which can be copied to the clipboard via To Clipboard; click the Save Text button to save it as a TXT file; click the Save Index button to save it as an IDX-specific index file (Figure 3).


Tip: If you need to create a document index without page numbers, please use the White Folio to Text tool under the Tools menu.

2. Creating an index of documents

If you have a batch of documents or web pages that need to be organized in one page for management and recall, you can use File Index to create a file index. Click the File Index button and add the files to be organized by Search, or directly select the files and drag them to the software window. Afterwards, follow the wizard instructions or directly click on the Settings button to complete the list parameters settings. Finally, click on the Create Index button to complete the creation of the file index (Figure 4).


3. Create a keyword index

If you want to make a list of keywords appearing in the document index, click the Keyword Index option in the left function menu, follow the wizard prompts to add the document to extract keywords, and then set the conditions for extracting keywords options, including the content to be removed, word whitelist and blacklist, etc.. Finally, click the Create Index button to create an index of keywords that meet the conditions.

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