Software recommendation: cleverly hide the system function

Usually we are afraid that someone will modify the files in our computer, so we hide some important files. In fact, apart from these files, some people also like to modify some settings in the computer, which may cause system instability. In order to prevent such incidents, we can hide important functions so as to prevent others from modifying the relevant settings.

Hide important software programs

If we have some very important software on our computer, but for special reasons we need to lend it to others, or if we have relatives or friends at home who want to play with it, we can hide the installed software programs from the “Applications and Features” list in order to prevent them from inadvertently damaging or accidentally uninstalling these important software programs. To prevent them from unintentionally destroying or accidentally uninstalling these important software programs, we can hide the installed software programs from the “Applications and Features” list, thus eliminating any possible accidental uninstallation.

First, we download the “Hide From Uninstall List” tool from the Internet (, and in the list of the tool window we can see the names of all installed software programs. The tool offers two different ways to hide the names of the installed programs, so you can set them according to your needs. For example, if we check the name of a software program in the list, we can hide it by clicking the “Hide this option in the list of programs and features” button in the toolbar. Or we can simply remove the checkbox in front of the list of software programs, so that the “hide” option is displayed in the “Status” option. Then we will open the “Applications and Features” list again and find that the set software program has disappeared from the list (Figure 1).


Hide important system items

If you find it troublesome to set up software programs one by one, you can choose a simpler and more violent way to do it. In the interface of the “Hide From Uninstall List” widget, check the “Hide (programs and features)” option in the upper right corner so that you can directly hide the features in the operating system, so that No one will be able to see the list information of the function. Besides that, if you want to hide other features in the system, how should you do it?

Now download the tool “Windows 10 Settings Blocker” from the Internet and you will see four options in the pop-up list of tools. Now select the “1-hide pages” option, click the plus button behind the list, and select the name of the item you want to hide in the “Windows Settings pages” list in the pop-up dialog box. Then click the “Add to list” button to add it to the list of windows (Figure 2).


Follow the same steps to select other options to be hidden and click the “Close” button in the dialog box to return to the main window of the tool. Finally, click the green checkmark button on top to hide the selected items (Figure 3).


Tip: If you want to re-display the hidden items, first select “0-disable blocking” in the list of the main window. Then select the name of the item you want to display in the window list, and finally click the minus button in the toolbar.

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