Comparing and combining documents in Microsoft Word 2019

In this topic, you will learn how to compare different versionsof a document and combine revisions from multipleauthors.

If two reviewers receive the exact copy of a document with changesmade to both, the documents can be compared using the Compare Documents utility. Thisfeature takes two documents that have gone through the editing processand combines only what has changed between them into a new thirddocument. The two original documents are not changed.

Please note that if you are working with edited documents from more thantwo reviewers, then Combine revisions frommultiple authors into a single document is theoption to use.
  1. Open the first document to be used to compare with another. Here, wewillopen Resume1Furkidds.docx. 
  1. Select Review |Compare, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 857

  1. You will be offered the following two options:
  • Compare two versions of a document (legalblackline).
  • Combine revisions from multiple authorsinto a single document.
  1. Click Compare…
  2. A dialog box will present itself and will allow you to choose thetwo documents to compare, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:

ms office 713

  1. Choose the original document from the drop-down list or browse tolocate it on your computer, and click the revised document from thedrop-down list or browse to locate it on your computer, as illustratedin the following screenshot:

  1. There are more settings that can be changed byusing the More >> icon on thedialog box and selecting desired options, which are illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:

  1. By default, the changes will appear in a new document (a thirddocument).
  2. Click on OK to compare thedocuments.
  3. Your Word screen will now change to a new documentcalled Compare Result 4. The screen is splitinto four parts, as follows:  
  • The original document,called Resume1Furkidds.docx 
  • The revised document,called Resume2Furkidds.docx
  • The compared document, which shows both revisions
  • A summary of changes highlighted and explained on the left of thescreen, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 259

  1. The next step is to accept or reject the changes inthe compared document, to reach a combined final document,as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 34

  1. Right-click on the changes highlighted in the compareddocument and decide whether to reject or accept them, or go to theribbon and locate the AcceptInsertion and Reject Insertion options.
All the text highlighted by a strikethrough indicates removed text, andunderlined text is anything that is added in its place.
  1. Once the revisions are complete, you will notice the Revisions pane willdisplay 0 revisions, asillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 799

  1. Save the compareddocument as ResumeFinal.docxandclose all other windows to see the final document. 

You have now learned how to compare two documents and combine thechanges into one document.

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