Configuring voting and tracking options in Microsoft Outlook 2019

Creating a poll in Outlook 2019 is a stunning feature. It allows youto quickly gather replies to a question sent to recipients via an emailmessage. It is, however, always best to make sure that all recipientsare using the same version of Office as you are:

  1. Click on the New Email messageicon. From the Options tab, select theUse Voting Buttons icon from the Tracking group.
  2. Select one of the default tracking buttons or click on Custom… to create your own, as illustratedin the following screenshot:
ms office 381
  1. In the Properties dialog box, makesure you have located the Voting andTracking options heading. Click on the checkbox forUse Voting Buttons to make itactive.
  2. Type your own custom text into the space provided. In the example, Ihave used Monday; Wednesday;Thursday as I would like to obtain a poll on when colleaguescould attend a training session. Remember to put a semicolon in betweeneach voting choice, and not a comma, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot. Click on Close to confirm:
ms office 82
  1. Your email header will now display an information bar with the textYou added voting buttons to thismessage.
  2. The recipient will receive an email with voting buttons in themessage header, on which they will click to select the day that suitsthem for the training, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 445
  1. The response is then sent to the sender.

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