Constructing a formula in Microsoft Excel 2019

In this topic, we will look at how to type formulas using variousmethods. Continue using the SSGRegions.xlsx workbook for thefollowing examples:

  1. Click on a cell in the worksheet into which you would like to placethe answer to a calculation. For this example, we will select B12. Press the = key on the keyboard to startthe formula.
  2. Start typing the formula you wish to use. In this case, we areadding up, so we will use the SUM function.Type sum directly after the = sign. When entering ans for sum, Excel will offer all the formulas that start withthe letter s. Just to the right of the formula,you will see a tooltip with information about the formulayou have chosen. Continue to type the formula you require or select onefrom the list, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 773

  1. Open a bracket to separate the formula from the rangeof cells you would like to add up: =sum(
  1. Select the cells (range) you would like to add up. Youcan achieve this in three ways, as follows:
    • Drag the range B8 to B11 to select it, ortype B8:B11 to identify the range. As you type this formula,you will notice that Excel is selecting the range for you.
    • Or click on cell B8, then hold down the Shift key on yourkeyboard, and while keeping it depressed, use the down arrow keyboardkey to move down one cell at a time to reach cell B11.
  2. Press Enter to finish your formula. You do notneed to close the bracket, as Excel will do this for you.
  3. The Formula Bar displaysthe completed formula and allows you to edit it here simply by clickinginto the Formula Bar. Alternatively, you can press the F2function key on the keyboard directly into the cell on the worksheet toedit the formula. Excel automatically highlights the selected range usedin the formula by way of an outlined colored border when you are inEdit mode. The formula will display inthe answer cell by double-clicking on the formula result.
  4. We can also use the AutoSum icon toadd up values. This is quicker but is not the most effective, error-freeway of adding information. Click on the cell in which you wouldlike to place your total—in this case, cell D12.

Click on the AutoSum icon inthe Editing group ofthe Home tab, illustratedin the following screenshot:

ms office 410

Note you will also find this icon in the Function Library group on theFormulas tab, as can be seen inthe following screenshot:

ms office 394
  1. Excel automatically inserts the range to sum (always check that ithas assumed the range correctly!). Press Enter to complete theformula.

So, you have learned how to enter the SUM functionand understand the order in which the formula is constructed using afunction. You are now ready to use the quickest method to enterthe SUM function in a workbook—click intoa cell on the worksheet; press theAlt key on the keyboard, and, while keeping theAlt key depressed, press the =key.

In the next topic, we will learn about a few more of the manyfunctions that exist in Excel 2019.

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