Constructing a list manually in Microsoft Word 2019

There are various ways to set up a bulleted or numbered list, eitherby typing the text first and then converting the list into a specificlist type or by choosing the list type first and then beginning typing.Let’s learn how, as follows:

  1. Type the list shown in the following screenshot (or another list ofyour choice), making sure to press Enter at the end of eachline (so that it takes you to the next line). Select the typedlist, as follows:

ms office 798

  1. Choose the type of list to apply to the text by selecting therelevant icon from the Paragraphgroup, located on the Home tab, asillustrated in the following screenshot:

ms office 806

Once you have finished typing a numbered or bulleted list and would liketo continue typing normally, just press the Enter key twice onthe keyboard, and the numbering will discontinue.

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