Constructing basic queries in Microsoft Access 2019

You will gain a solid overview of the different query types in Access2019 and learn to create and run a Select query in Design View.

Queries are used to retrieve information from a database. Queriesallow you to search and extract information from tables for analysis.Calculations are possible when constructing queries, and the results arenormally displayed in a report. A Select query is when you ask questionsof data and extract the answers. You can decide to see certain fieldsfrom a table, all records, and fields; or, just fields. Queries can beperformed on more than one related table in one single query. Arelationship must exist between the tables to allow them to be usedtogether to extract information in a query result. Queries canadditionally be used to update fields automatically when run, and alsoto delete data in fields automatically.

There are different types of queries that can be constructed inAccess 2019. Some examples of these are highlighted here:

  • Select query: Data is extracted from one table,more than one table, from other queries, or from tables foranalyzing.
  • Parameter query: This allows the user to input datadepending on the required field or fields. When the query is run, aparameter dialog box will appear, asking the user to input the requiredcriteria to produce a result. For example, to produce a class list for aparticular grade and class, you would create a parameter query,requesting the user to enter the grade and class they wish to query. Thequery result will be based on the input from the user.
  • Update query: Updates data in fieldsautomatically.
  • Append query: Performs a query based on user input,and then adds the result to another table automatically.
  • Make Table query: As the name suggests, you createa query from a table or multiple tables and then create a new table fromthe results.

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