Software recommendation: content and file cut and paste favorite share all in one

The Windows clipboard is too simple and this makes users who need to reuse content unhappy. PinClipBoard is a small software that allows you to cut and paste, collect and quickly share text, pictures and folders.

Choose the portable version of PinClipBoard, no need to install it, directly run PinClipboard.exe main program to start the software. When the software is running, a pin icon will appear in the system tray and the main window of the software will pop up. If you want to hide the software window, you can use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Z to do so. The Settings button can be customized to another shortcut in the settings window (Figure 1). If you use the software often, you can put the Start with Windows switch on to keep the software on standby.


1. Project cut and quick use

When we copy a text or a picture, these contents will appear as a record in PinClipBoard’s History window. Click the History button to see a list of clipped text or images. Right-click on the clip item and select Copy to choose to copy the item; select Open Image to open the image with the system’s default image editor; select Open in File Exporer to locate the file in Explorer; and select the Pin command to fix the item to the Pin Board (Figure 2).


In addition to text, clip items can also contain folders or images. For frequently used folders, click the Pin Folder button to open the Pin Folder window, and then drag the folder to this window to achieve the fixation of frequently used folders (Figure 3). In addition, for images that need to be used repeatedly, you can also click the Pin Image button to achieve fixing in the Pin Image window (Figure 4).



2. Important content fixing and recall

After the frequently used items are fixed, click the Pin Board button to see the fixed clipping items, which makes it easier for us to recall the frequently reused items. When you need to use a certain item, just double-click the item to make use of it quickly (Figure 5).


3. Share content between different devices

If you need to synchronize the clipboard content between different devices (including devices of different platforms), you can set the Synchronize switch to On in the settings window and share the clipboard content by sweeping the code or the http address given (Figure 6).



PinClipBoard uses a local database to save image files. This way, even if the original image is deleted, you can still use the image that was collected.

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