How to Convert Eboot to ISO

Do you still remember the anticipation behind the launch of the first-generation PSP? How guys were amazed by this new portable gaming device from Sony PlayStation? It had a cool design and played games from an optical disc, the UMD.

The UMD contained an EBOOT.PBP file that contained the game itself. Ever since then, gamers worldwide have been converting the eboot file to .Iso format. We do this to enable us to play UMD games on the newer PSP versions with no UMD drive. Now let’s take a look at how we convert these files and the benefits of conversion.

What is eboot?

An eboot file contains the actual files as they are read by the PSP’s optical drive. The ‘.pbp’ is the file’s extension. You can think of eboot as if it was a program on your computer and the .pbp as the .exe on your PC.

What is a UMD?

The UMD was Sony Play station’s cartridge mounted optical disc, used to store games and movies for the handheld PSP device. The Universal Media Disc (UMD) had a data capacity of up to 1.8 GB.

Why convert to .iso?

It will allow you to play your PSP games on the PSP go. Enables you to rip PSP’s UMD Movies and burn the iso image on a different type of optical disc (DVD/BD etc.)

3 Solutions to Convert eboot to iso

I bet you’re getting convinced about converting to .iso. Now let me share some solutions on the conversion process.

1. Use a PSP

Since we’ve established that EBOOT.PBP files are designed to work on the PSP, using a PSP is almost obvious. Below is a breakdown of the process;

1. Insert the UMD disc containing the EBOOT.PBP file that you want to convert.

2. Pull up the menu on the PSP


3. Scroll to ‘usb device’ and change the setting from ‘memory stick’ to ‘UMD disk’, then exit the menu

4. Connect your PSP to your computer and select ‘USB mode’.

5. You will notice that the game id will show instead of the typical memory stick.

6. Now click on it and open. The file displayed will be the image, straight from the disk.

7. Copy the file to a location of your choice and voila! You now have all the EBOOT.PHB files in .iso format.

2. Change the file extension

This method is pretty straight forward. Locate your EBOOT.PBP file and right-click it. Navigate to the ‘rename’ option and click it. It’s recommended you also rename the file itself to make it that much easier to distinguish. Now change the file extension to .iso.

An easy example is illustrated below. It shows the conversion of ‘EBOOT.PBP’ to ‘Race3D’.


If you can’t see the file extension, go to the folder options. Click view and uncheck “hide extensions for known file types”.

3. Download a conversion software

If you scour the edges of the internet long enough, you might find a downloadable software that you install on your computer. A site like theleacherman claims to have such software. But we’ll take that with a grain of salt. More probably than not, you’ll end up downloading some malware.

My Top Solution

My hands-down, top solution is using the PSP. It might be a bit of a bother if you don’t own one, but you can always borrow a friend’s. This solution means you’re getting the .iso file as an image that contains all the files as they exist on the UMD. It simply means that your file will never be unstable.


Conversion of EBOOT.PBP files to .iso is a simple process. It does not require some computer wizard skill-level to accomplish. I believe the pros clearly outweigh the cons and converting the files is just a smart thing to do. I would encourage you to try it and let your friends know about converting files. The solutions are fool-proof and straight forward. Did I mention that this will let you play cool first-gen PSP games on the revamped more powerful PSP versions?

Do you know of another way of converting eboot files to .iso? What’s your reason for preferring .iso files?

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