How to Convert EXE to ISO

An ISO file(often referred to as an ISO image) is perfect when it comes to burning a bunch of files to the likes of a disc such as BluRay, CD, and DVDs.

You create an ISO out of a set of files and carry it around with yourself. Sort of like a bag for the files and folders. Furthermore, the ISOs can be opened with file archives such as Winrar, 7zip, amongst others.

Using ImgBurn to Convert EXE to ISO

Take any image burner application to create an ISO. For the sake of demonstration, we will be using a freeware software, ImgBurn, to create the media file in question.

1. Launch ImgBurn and click on the option that says Create image files from files/folders.

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2. Click on the magnifying glass button to locate the .exe file you wish to convert.


3. Browsing window will open up and then locate the exe file you wish to convert into an ISO. We take the ImgBurn’s exe file itself for this tutorial.

4. Click on the Build button, which is positioned below the Destination box.

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When you click on the button, it will ask for the location to save the ISO file. Specify the location and click Ok.

You have successfully converted a bunch of exe files to .iso image without any difficulty.


Use any image burning tool to convert exe to iso. Virtually all modern applications have the feature to do so.

Make sure to have ample space before saving up an ISO file on your hard disk. Otherwise, the process may show an unwanted error, which can be challenging to comprehend at times.

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