How to Convert MDF File to ISO

A file conversion is just a modification of the file created in one program into another program’s understandable form. As you have seen online, there are many paid and free CD / DVD burning tools available. Most of them have their proprietary file format to create CD / DVD image files that you can use later to create a CD / DVD copy of the disk, and you are bound to come across image files of various formats.

However, if you stumbled upon an MDF file and are looking for a straightforward solution to burn to disc, here is a small utility to convert MDF files to ISO instantly.

What are MDF and ISO

MDF is the abbreviation of the term Mirror Disk File. It is a circular image format that supports RPMS data, subchannel data, and other PC items. It has copy prevention systems other than iso or bin/cue files traditional, just like an mkv file that can handle more things than an avi. The MDF file is like the .iso file. However, it is saved in another format.


ISO is the short form of the term International Organization for Standardization. It is a type of computer file used on Windows computers and is compatible with Mac operating systems. Several people use them to emulate CDs, DVDs, and other disk drives virtually. ISO files also have the disk images of Linux, which you can copy to the USB drive or burn to a disc.

However, these two files are of the “disk image” type. But MDF disk image format is not as widely used as ISO format. It means that the file format is not as widely supported by burning or disc editing applications as the ISO format. All you need to convert the MDF file to ISO with the right software.

How to Convert MDF to ISO

Are you wondering how to extract the content from an MDF file? Or you don’t know how and what to do with the file? No need to worry! Here we have mentioned a fully practical step by step guide that allows you to “convert MDF to ISO.”

Method 1: Convert .mdf to .iso with MDF in ISO Freeware

Step 1: Download and install the free MDF to ISO software on your system. Select the MDF file you want to convert and then enter the output ISO file’s desired name.

Step 2: Click the “Convert” button to finish the MDF to ISO transformation.


The modification time is based on the original file’s size and the computer’s CPU capacity; it will display a real-time progress bar to show the specific transformation progress.

Method 2: Convert MDF to ISO with Anyburn

Step 1: Download and install MDF to ISO converter on your system. Select the Convert image file format.

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Step 2: Select your source file to convert and select the output ISO file destination.


Step 3: Click the “Convert” button to finish MDF to ISO conversion.

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Different Software to Convert MDF to ISO

If you want to convert the MDF file to ISO, free software can change the file format. However, you can select suitable software from below and install it on your system. Software is an easy way to use without a doubt!

Method 1: PowerISO

It is a powerful CD / DVD file processing tool, which allows you to open, delete, create, compress, encrypt, edit, split, and convert files. ISO files and accumulate these files with an inner virtual drive.

Step 1: Download the PowerISO in your system and from “Tool,” click on the “Convert” button.

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Step 2: Choose the source file you want to change and choose the output file format to iso file.


Step 3: Tap on the “OK” button to start and wait for a message, “Converting image file completes successfully.”


PowerISO can be used easily and supports almost all CD / DVD-ROM image file formats, including NRG, CDI, ISO, BIN, DAA, etc.

Method 2: AnyToISO Converter

It converts various files to ISO format and is a great converter for Windows because it supports all popular CD / DVD formats on the Internet. Most CD / DVD burning software only works with ISO images and their native images.

Step 1: Download the AnyToISO converter in your system and open an MDF image to the AnyToISO main window and click on the “Extract” button.

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Step 2: AnyToISO will convert your MDF to ISO or extract the image to your local drive.


However, you can accumulate any CD / DVD file on the Internet to your Parallels or VMWare virtual machine with AnyToISO software. The program can also convert BIN, CDI, NRG, UIF, PDI, B5I, IMG, DEB, and DMG to ISO or Extract the images to your local drives.

Method 3: Magic ISO Maker

It is a powerful CD / DVD image file authoring/editing/ripping tool. Magic ISO Maker can create, open, edit, and extract image files. Magic ISO Maker can create ISO file from any format or hard drive and manage boot information in the meantime.

Step 1: Download the Magic ISO Maker in your system, and from the “Tool” menu, click on the “Any format to ISO” command.

Step 2: Choose the source file you want to convert and choose an output file name.

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Step 3: Tap on the “Convert” Button and wait for the process to complete.

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Magic ISO Maker can convert, delete, create an ISO file. It also supports creating bootable CD and DVD image files.


Today, many users have become familiar with the ISO format, which has become more popular than other disc image formats. It is one of the formats that are likely to find in many applications.

MDF to ISO is a straightforward application for converting the files to another format. If you don’t know how to convert the MDF file to ISO properly, it could be challenging.

In the guide, we have shown amazing ways to achieve the task without ruining the original file. The programs and steps we have mentioned above are feasible. Now you can easily select the right option based on your level of knowledge and preferences.

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