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Ringtones can be very important as your cellphone ringing can tell you whether or not you should rush to receive an important call or message. While setting ringtones people like to add a personal touch to it as they set ringtone that they like and that is pleasant to their ears. It is easy to get mp3 files of songs from different platforms. You can easily download your favorite song and set it as your ringtone. However, if you are an I phone user, the process is somewhat difficult as Iphone doesn’t allow to use mp3 files as ringtones immediately. In Iphone m4R files are used for setting ringtones as it supports m4R format only. But don’t fret, we have jotted down some easy ways that you can use to convert mp3 files of your favorite songs into m4R format and can use it as your ringtone.


1- Conversion using iTunes

As a user of Apple products, itunes is the first choice of people usually as it manages all the activities related to media of the phone. Although the process of conversion by this method will be a bit complicated as doesn’t convert files directly to m4R format but this step-by-step guide will ease the process for you.


i- Download itunes if you’re using windows and install it or directly open it in your mac or in your device if you already have it.

ii- If there are mp3 files in your library already you can use them or can add more files by selecting file and choose the option (Add to library).
iii- Choose the file that needs conversion, right – click you’ll get various options than choose song info which will result in a pop up.
iv- Go to options select the part of the song you want as a ringtone and set the start to end limit and press OK. The time limit is of 30 seconds.
v- Go to file on menu bar above, choose convert than select Create ACC Conversion.
vi-Now right-click on the file that you have just create and choose the option of (show in finder) if you’re a Mac user or choose (show in windows explorer) incase of using windows.
vii-Now you can change it into m4R format manually. Connect your phone to itunes. Select device and choose manually manage videos.
viii-Hit tones and add m4R file created and use your new ringtone.

That’s one way to do it. Seems a tad bit difficult right? Don’t be worried. That’s one way but not the only way that you can do it. If you find the above method difficult than you can simply transform your mp3 files into m4R format online. And to make this task a lot easier than it already is, we have listed down some great online platforms that you can use for the conversion of mp3 file to m4R. You can select the platform that suits you and follow the guidelines and viola you have your favorite song as your ringtone. Here are some suggestions:

Solution 2-Converting Online


Zamzar can be your go to place for converting files of different formats into your desired format. You can use the service for free however there is a limit attached to it. You can only convert 2 files in the 24 hours if you’re using this service for free.  You can also have a paid account of this services so you can convert unlimited files and not only this but also you can convert numerous (up to 100) files at the same time but that depends on the package you’ve purchased.
Follow these three simple steps and you are done.
1- Go to on your web. Hit the add files button and upload the file that you want to convert.
2- Click on choose format and select the format you to transform your file into.
3- Now press convert now and wait till the process finishes. Once the conversion is completed you can download the file in the format you want also you can provide your email and can receive the link of your file once its converted.


ii-M4R Online

Another online tool you can use carry out this conversion task for free and there are no usage limits. Great right. Steps again are super simple.

1-Visit and upload your file.
2- Wait for the conversion process.
3-Download the converted file.



It is another way you can use for the conversion of your mp3 files. You can download videoproc which is software that allows you to perform various functions and file conversion is one of them. To convert mp3 file:

1- Open the app, click on video than select music+ on the above menu bar. Add file that needs conversion. You can add more than file at the same time.
2-At the bottom, there will be the option of music. Select it. Various options will appear. Select m4R by double-clicking on it.
3- The next step is choosing an output folder.
4- After that press ‘Run’ and wait. You’ll have the file converted within seconds.
This software allows free trial in which you can use all the offered functions but you can not download the final product of the function that you used. In order to get the final product, you have to purchase the subscription of the app.


iv-iMyFone TuneMates

Yes you guessed right. The list is not over yet. iMyFone TuneMates is another great platform that you can used. And by following these easy steps you can get the ringtone of your choice.
1- Connect your iphone to your computer and open the TunesMate.
2- Click on “music” from the top ribbon and then select ringtones on the menu bar at the left side.
3- Press ringtone maker and choose the song that you want to convert. Incase the song is on your computer than go for local music and if it’s on your phone than hit device music.
4-As the chosen song starts to play you can easily select the starting and ending point of the part of the song that you want as your ringtone.
5-Once you’ve selected the part you can hit either on save to device or pc where you want to save it. There is also an option of ringtone audition so you can listen to your ringtone before saving it and can make changes if you want.


It is another desirable option available for you that can be used for this purpose. It is easy to use and the steps are simple.
1- Go to convertio web page and select convert from the menu above. Select the first option that is Audio Converter.
2- Scroll down and you’ll see index of formats with their description and conversions. Keep scrolling until you come across the option of mp3. Click on mp3 converter.
3-On the new page scroll down. Another index will appear of support conversions. Select the third option on the left side under the heading of convert from mp3 i.e., mp3 to m4r.
4- Choose the file that you want to convert and change it into m4r format.



Or you can use this one. This is also a platform that can be used for the purpose of file conversion. The whole process is easy. Follow these simple steps and you are done.

1-Go to the web page of file convert and choose the audio you want to convert.
2-Select input format that will be MPEG-3 Audio as we are converting mp3 to mp4.
3-Choose output format that will be apple iphone ringtone file in this case.
4- Hit convert and sit back and relax till the process takes place.



When it comes to converting files, people sometimes think of this process as to much of a hassle without even searching about it. This happens mostly to people with no technological background as they think technology is hard to understand. This isn’t the best practice. Always make research before coming to a conclusion. Sometimes things are not as hard as they may seem. Like in this case, you can see it now that the process of converting files formats is not as difficult as you might had thought. All you need is a perfect platform to do this task for you. And for that we have provided you a list of some of the best ways that can utilize to convert your mp3 files making this task simpler. And the step-by-step guidance will make the whole process a piece of cake for you. Select the option that you think works best for you and you can have ringtone of your own choice.

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