Converting a file using compatibility mode in Microsoft Office 2019

Converting a document into the new file format clears all thecompatibility issues and the layout of the document appears as if it wascreated in Excel 2010. When working in compatibility mode, you will nothave access to the features in the current Excel 2010 program and willnot be able to use these features until compatibility mode is turnedoff. Please note that this explanation and the following steps relate toall of the Office 2019 applications.

Take the following steps to convert a document into the newfile format: 

  1. Open up the workbook you used in the previous topic.
  2. Go to File | Info | Convert.
  3. Save the document to a location on your computer.
  4. An information box will show up on your screen indicating that theworkbook will be converted into the newest file format. Clickon OK toconvert the document.
  5. The next dialog box indicates that the conversion was successful andthat you need to close and open the workbook to use the advancedfeatures. Click Yes to close the dialogbox:

ms office 596

  1. The title bar now displays the name of the document without [Compatibility Mode].

Let’s look at how to export a workbookinto comma-separatedvalues (CSVin the next sectionso that we can use the data in other applications after exporting itfrom Microsoft Excel 2019.

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