Converting footnotes into endnotes in Microsoft Word 2019

Follow these steps to learn how to convert footnotes intoendnotes:

  1. After inserting footnotes throughout a document, click on the Footnote and Endnote expand icon.
  2. The footnote and endnote dialog box will populate. Click on theConvert… icon:
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  1. Click on OK, then Close.
  2. The footnotes will be converted to endnotes at the very end of thedocument.
  3. When you convert footnotes into endnotes, the number format changes.If you need to alter the number format for endnotes and footnotes, clickon the References tab to launch theFootnote dialog box. Select thedrop-down arrow next to Numberformat and choose the desired number format from the listprovided.
  4. Click on Apply to commit thechanges you’ve made.

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