5 Solutions to Copy a Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive

When your old hard drive won’t work or gets slow, it’s time to upgrade the old one. But what we have to face is how to copy all data in the old hard drive to another one easily. As we know, there are programs, media files, documents, settings, and other types of data in the drive. Some files can be moved to another drive through simply copying and pasting, but some can’t. Thus, how can we perform this operation easier without losing any data? Especially, when you’re trying to copy a C: drive with an installed OS to another hard drive. To solve this issue, just follow the below solutions to copy a hard drive to another hard drive.

Part 1. Copy data only on a hard drive to another drive

Method 1. Copy different data to another drive manually

When you only intend to copy data like media files, documents, or other files instead of applications or system files, the easiest way is to move them manually. You can connect another drive to the computer and then simply perform the migration.

Method 2. Copy data on hard drive to a drive on another computer

Suppose you desire to copy data from one hard drive to a drive on another computer, you can resort to Windows built-in tool – Windows Easy Transfer to accomplish this goal. It’s capable of transferring user accounts, documents, videos, pictures, music, and email to another computer. But note that it’s only available on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.

1. Click Win key and search for Windows Easy Transfer in the quick search box.

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2. Launch the program and click Next.

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3. Then choose An external hard disk or USB flash drive option.

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4. Choose This is my old computer.

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5. Choose what to transfer from this computer to the external drive. And you can click Customize hyperlink to check which data further.

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6. Finally, choose your hard drive to save the data from the old drive.

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7. Then launch Windows Easy Transfer in your new computer and choose This is my new computer.

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8. Then choose Yes to tell the software you have plugged in external hard disk in which the data from old drive stores.

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9. Click Advanced Options to change the location the data will be saved, or just keep it default. Next, click Transfer to start the process.

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Part 3. Copy C: drive to external hard drive through creating system image

For the condition you want to copy C: drive with an installed OS to another drive, there still an approach to make it. Actually, to prevent the system from damaged, Microsoft includes a complete system image utility that can clone a drive totally.

1. Click on the Start menu button and search for Control Panel. Then select System and Security > Backup and Restore (Windows 7) > Create a system image

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2. Then choose a drive to save the system image and ensure the storage space is enough to save the whole image. In general, the image may take up tens or hundreds of gigabytes space.

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3. To copy the drive image to another drive, open up Settings on Windows 10 and go to Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced startup and click Restart now button.

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4. When your PC restarts, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options and then choose System Image Recovery. Then choose another drive to restore.

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Final words

Through the above 5 solutions, you can get a clear mind to copy a hard drive to another. However, different methods fit for different demands. The two methods can achieve your goal with simple clicks, while others require some computer knowledge.

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