Office hacks: copy and paste you really know Word in these divine operations

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V is a lot of people commonly used copy and paste shortcuts, but applied in daily work life, Windows system comes with shortcuts is too “basic”, want to deal with the huge amount of information and work needs every day, learn to copy and paste inside Word is the king. For example, if there are now A, B two Word documents, we want to A document in the discontinuous copy of the contents of multiple paragraphs to the B document, then we have to do is constantly copy, paste, and in A, B two documents to switch back and forth, is not very troublesome? For example, we collect information on the Internet when you want to copy parts of the Web to Word, the basic operation is to copy the Web page, and then open the Word document, and then switch back to the Web page …… so repeatedly? In fact, it is not necessary! Now, let’s look at Word in the copy, paste, what exactly can be done!



Unlimited copy and paste

Word, copy, paste function can achieve unlimited operations, thus eliminating the trouble of switching windows each time you copy, but this requires a little bit of setup to take effect, the default Word does not support this feature. Method is, open Word documents, and then click on the top of the “Start”, and then find the “Clipboard”, click the bottom right corner.


At this point, the left side of Word will pop up a clipboard settings bar, click on the bottom of the “options” into the settings page, the clipboard features to modify.


In the pop-up menu of the options screen, all we need to do is to check “Show status near the taskbar when copying” to take effect, so that the status and number of times will be displayed for every copying operation in the future.


Settings are complete, we will try to copy the function, when multiple times to copy the content and press the shortcut key “Ctrl + C”, you can see the bottom right corner will prompt the clipboard copy times, that is, now multiple copy function has been achieved. This time, we switch to another Word document, the contents of multiple copies will be pasted, you can click the left clipboard bar “Paste All” on the line, you do not need to repeat the operation of each paragraph “Copy – Paste “up.


And as long as the state of the Word document is open, even if copied from the Web, you can use the same operation, without the need for any additional settings. It should be noted that the content copied from the Web, inevitably with formatting, such as font, font size and even hyperlinks, so after copying to the Word document, we can press “Ctrl + A” to select all, and then press the shortcut key combination “Ctrl + Shift + F9 “Clear all links, and then press “Ctrl + Shift + Z” to clear all text formatting, so you can process and modify according to their needs.

Graphic field reproduction like this

In addition to multiple copies, there is a situation that we may have encountered, in A document there are several content to copy, and respectively, a part of the paragraph, and then paste them into the B document, this situation and how we should deal with it? We have to copy the text content, and then press the shortcut key “Ctrl + F3”, each to copy the part of the operation.


When the contents of the A document need to copy all the operations are completed, to paste the items will automatically form a good layout of the document, that is, “graphic field”. switch to the B document, and then press the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + F3”, note that not “Ctrl + V”, you can see that the content has been “extracted “after pasting to the B document, is it more convenient than repeatedly switching between copy and paste?


The copy format works like this

Copy, paste function in Word can also be achieved by copying formatting. Its operation is also extremely simple, select the text that has been applied to the format, press the shortcut key “Ctrl + Shift + C”, and then select the text to be applied to the format (select the continuous paragraph with the Shift key with the left mouse button to select, not continuous, then hold down the Ctrl key), press “Ctrl + Shift + V” can be achieved on the format of the copy, note that this operation to copy only the format, not the text content Oh!


Obviously, in Word copy, paste, more than the most basic “Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V” so simple, through the change in function, you can greatly improve the efficiency of Word document editing operations, interested readers may also want to try it now!

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