Copying multiple formats in Microsoft Word 2019

The format painter tool allows you to copy multiple formats fromselected text to other parts of a file. It is normally used to copyheading styles from one heading to another, which can save a huge amountof time instead of repeating formatting manually over and over on eachindividual heading:

  1. Select some text to format.
  2. Format the text—for instance, set it to bold or underline or changethe font color to blue, the font size to 20, or the font face to Courgette.
  3. Make sure the text stays selected once the formatting iscomplete.
  4. Double-click on the Format Paintericon located under the Clipboardgroup:
ms office 697
  1. Double-clicking on the FormatPainter icon allows you to copy the formatting more thanonce.
  2. Notice that the mouse pointer changes to a brush shape when hoveringover text in the document:
ms office 546
  1. Select the next heading in the document to apply the format. Oncethis is complete, you will see that the text is now formatted in thesame way as the first heading. 
  2. Repeat this process until each of your document headings have thenew format.
  3. To stop the format painter, simply put the icon back in place byclicking on the format painter icon on the ribbon. Alternatively, pressthe Esc key on your keyboard.
The format painter icon is also available on the mini formattingtoolbar.

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