How to Fix We Couldn’t Update the System Reserved Partition 1703

If you are trying to update Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, then you might end up getting an error message saying, “We couldn’t update the system reserved partition.” Sometimes, it may show up as the error code “0x800F0922” or something similar. Learn to fix “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703” here.

Why is it unable to update system reserved partition?

When your PC shows the “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703”, it implies that this update error is displayed because of inadequate space on the EFI system reserved partition. Windows always form a partition letter having no drive letter but represent as system reserved. This happens when a user tries to install Windows to an MBR disk which is already partitioned.

The storage space consumed by Windows 7 and Windows 8 is 100 MB and 350 MB, respectively. If the system partition does not have sufficient space, the Windows will not upgrade successfully. Such update errors can slow down your computer, and you can’t get access to new features. This “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703” can be eliminated by installing Windows to a specified partition. Let us move on to the methods to fix we could not update the system reserved partition.

Fix We Couldn’t Update the System Reserved partition 1703

Method 1: Clean the space of the SRP partition to fix the error (600 words)

One of the simplest methods to fix we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703 is by cleaning all the space of SRP partition. However, before following the steps, figure out if your hard drive has a GTP or MBR partition.

Step 1: Hold and press “Windows Key +R” to open the run dialog box and then start typing “diskmgmt.msc”. Now, click on “ok” or hit “Enter”.


Step 2: Next, right-click on the Disk you want and then choose “Properties”.


Step 3: Click on the “Volumes” tab and check the Partition style. Once the partition style is known, you can perform the right steps to fix the update error we are talking about.

A) Steps to fix the error when you have a GPT partition

Step 1: Open the Command Prompts by typing “CMD” and then click on “Open as Administrator” shown at the right pane.

Step 2: After opening the CMD windows, type the command “mountvol y: /s” which provides a drive letter as Y for accessing system partition.

Step 3: Type the next command “taskkill /im explorer.exe /f” and hit Enter. Now, type “explorer.exe” and again hit Enter. This will restart explorer in Admin mode.


Step 4: Hold and press “Windows Key + E” for opening File Explorer and then type “Y:EFIMicrosoftBoot” in the space given in the address bar.

Step 5: Select “all the other language folders except English” now and delete them permanently.

Step 6: If there are any useless font files, then remove it Y:EFIMicrosoftBootFonts.

Step 7: To save this changes, you must reboot your PC. If your system has a GPT partition, this will solve the “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703”.

B) Steps to fix the error when you have MBR partition

Before performing the following steps, you must have a USB flash drive formatted with NTFS and containing a minimum of 250 MB free space.

Step 1: Hold and press “Windows Key + R”. It will open the run dialog box. Type “diskmgmt.msc” and press “Enter”.

Step 2: Choose the “Recovery Partition”, right-click on it and then pick “Change Drive Letters and Paths”.


Step 3: Further, select “Add and enter Y”. Click on “Ok”.

Step 4: Open Command Prompt by using the search box on the taskbar and type “cmd”. From the list of given option, right-click on “Command Prompt” and then click on “run as administrator”.

Step 5: Start typing the following in cmd

Y: takeown /d y /r /f


Y: icacls . /grant <username from whoami>:F /t

Y: attrib -s -r -h Y:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim

Step 6: Now, run “File Explorer” and write the drive letter of the external drive on a page to remember it later. In our case, you can see its F:

Step 7: Write down the following command in command prompt and hit “Enter” after every command:

mkdir F:RecoveryWindowsRE

xcopy Y:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim F:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim /h

C:WindowsSystem32Reagentc /SetREImage /Path F:RecoveryWindowsRE /Target C:Windows

del Y:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim /F

Step 8: Come back to “Disk Management” and click on “Action” tab> “Refresh”.

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Step 9: Check that the size of the SRP has increased or not. If no, you still have to do a few things.

Step 10: After performing the above steps, move the “win file directory back to the Recovery Partition”.

Step 11: Again, you have to type some commands as given here and then press “Enter” after typing each command

xcopy F:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim Y:RecoveryWindowsREwinre.wim /h

C:WindowsSystem32Reagentc /SetREImage /Path Y:RecoveryWindowsRE /Target C:Windows

Step 12: At last, choose the “Disk Management” window again and right-click on the “Recovery Partition”. After that, choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” along with the drive letter “Y:” and then remove it.

Method 2: Extend the SRP partition with a third party partition tool.

As you know that the update error “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition 1703” exist because of insufficient storage on system reserved partition, increasing its size will help. For this, you can use a free third party tool for extending the system reserved partition. From all the partition tools we know, AOMEI disk partition management software is the best option for you. It is packed with some compelling features such as “resize partition”, “create partition”, “merge partitions”, “delete partition”, “copy partition” etc. It comes with comprehensive data protection technology, which is of sector level. Try it and see that your problem will go away soon.

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