How to Crack WinRAR Password

Rar files help create backups where you have large files. When you archive the files, you are required to unrar them as you extract from your archives.

So what happens when you’ve lost your password over the tie since you archived the files? Files you gather over time have precious gems, and you cringe at the choice of losing them.

Your only option is to crack the WinRAR password. And is that possible in the first place? Read on to get more about how to crack WinRAR passwords in 5 well-crafted solutions.

Is there a Sure Process to Crack Winrar Passwords?

Cracking passwords is a common question across many spheres, and WinZip is one of them. Google searches regarding Rar or WinRAR password cracking are therefore common. However, it would help if you steer your thoughts away from the notion that password cracking is impossible. In any case, there’s no negative aspect with cracking passwords you’ve lost/forgotten to recover your files.

The reality is there are several ways to navigate around password cracking. And each of the methods presents varying degrees of efficiency as well as the ease of use. Check out each of the solutions here below, and accordingly, select the one that suits your current situation and needs.

Five Choices to Breaking RAR/WinRAR Passwords

Following, let’s look at the five methods you can rely on to break lost WinRAR passwords.

Method One — Breaking WinRAR Passwords Using Passper App for Rar Files

Passper is a professional tool for breaking passwords for RAR files. If you want to recover RAR passwords fast, Passper is your go-to tool.

In case you are recovering passwords for many files, Passper will help you immensely. The record speeds score as high as 10,000 passwords every second.

Passper also provides you with a pretty simple and intuitive interface for your use. It only requires you to go over only two steps to recover your passwords effortlessly.

Pros for How to Crack Winrar Passwords Using Passper Tool

High Password Recovery Rates: Passper works with smart perusal and hashes cracking algorithms, and this makes it the best recovery tools you can rely upon.

4 Prongs Attacking Model: Passper works with a four-tier approach which synchronously sorts out possible alternatives for passwords combinations. The approach significantly reduces periods of recovery to almost instantaneous.

● Instance Recovery States: Under any circumstances, Passper for RAR password recovery allows the user to pick from where the process last from the last time there was a recovery instance running.

Data Leakage Protection: Passper as a password recovery tool is built with an anti-data leaks model. Therefore, no file interferences with file imports and exports occur in between the recovery instances.

Trustworthy Score of 100%: Passper is a brand from a powerful tools developer –team, iMyFone and close affiliations include credible software-tools like macworld,, and, among others.

Here is a trustworthy link for you to download the Passper Tool Installer.

Tip: Passper installer works across all versions of Windows

After full download, launch the installer by double-clicking on the installation file.

First, click on the “Add” icon. It appears on your Passper tool application window. You’ll get an upload interface- for uploading RAR files.

Next, select an attack mode from the four options available from the interface. The four attack modes available are:

● Combination attacks

● Dictionary attacks

● Brute force attacks

● Mass attacks

After selecting your attack method, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

1K3 2K AcD2pn8gPNe9ZRg

Passper will launch recovery for your RAR file passwords. A notification display signifies any recovery on your screen.

You’ll require copying the password, and you may proceed to access your WinRAR file successfully.


It is such an easy process working with Passper Tool for recovering RAR file passwords relying on the intuitive interface to guide you.

Method Two — Breaking Your WinRAR Passwords Online

Under varying circumstances, users may not be free with the installation of software for WinRAR password recoveries. These reasons vary from Employer policies to limitations with computer storage spaces among other relatively valid reasons.

Therefore, these users have the option of using online unlockers for WinRAR files. Features and arrangements with the online cracker allow you to pay for successful decryptions. The online cracker may fail under circumstances of excessively strong encryptions.

Steps for Recovering Passwords for WinRAR files Online

Step One: Type in the URL for Online password recovery for WinRAR files. Use the interface to upload the file with lost or irrecoverable passwords from your archive of RAR files.

Step Two: When your upload is complete, the online password cracking interface will request for your valid email address. Type in your email address and click on the “Send” button. Proceed to login to the inbox of the email address. You have to launch decryption through a specific email from the online password cracking tool.

Step Three: Allow for the password cracker to notify you of password decryption status. You have to pay before you can access a password following successful decryption for you to access it.

Key Point Regarding Online Password Cracker for WinRAR Files

The online tool to bypass WinRAR passwords for lost or forgotten WinRAR passwords is straightforward. However, it takes long before the recovery of a single password completes. Under some circumstances, the process freezes midway, leaving you helpless. Also, in case your encryptions contain hyper-sensitive information, the online cracker has a higher probability of failing you.

Method Three — Breaking WinRAR Passwords using CMD

Cracking of WinRAR file passwords using the command line is another way around lost/forgotten passwords. The downside with this method is — your success guarantees if your password composes only numeric passwords. It’s also slow. Therefore a very time-consuming method.

Step One: Type in the following command or copy-paste the entire content into a blank notepad. Next, ensure you save your file as a .bat file extension.

Tip: Copy the contents from this object Word file or type in as per the image below- Both columns comprise the entire command

1nAT8exZq4e spD068pPbgA

Step Two: Double-click or Right-Click on the .bat file to open and launch it with the command prompt interface/window.

Step Three: Next, find out the file path and file name of the encrypted .RAR file.

You Right-Click on the .RAR file’s icon and go ahead to select on the properties- sub list.

1uiy ERL QmO4XE5xI8d 3Q

Step Four: Type in your RAR file’s name and next, the file-path to the encrypted .Rar file. Next, hit or press your Enter/Return Key.

1TIp2whlFWwJw9 wnBL0RnQ

Allow for some instance, and the command prompt will display the password to your .RAR file on the last line of your interface.


Method Four — Breaking WinRAR Passwords Using Notepad Application

Seems unbelievable, but the reality is, Notepad application can help crack the passwords to your .rar files.

The downside with this method is it may fail you depending on the encryptions behind some .RAR archives.

Steps for Using Notepad to Bypass WinRar Passwords For .RAR Archives

Step One: start by opening the file with .RAR encryptions with the Notepad app. right-click on the icon and select the opening options from among the sub-list.

1Oi0h2IL hl1gSWHFIlorkQ

Step Two: Next, press your CTRL key plus F on your keyboard.

Next, locate your Ûtà string, and you have to replace it with ⁵³tà’.</ p>


Proceed to locate the IžC0 string and change that for IžC0.

Step Three: Once you are done with replacing both strings. Save your files and reopen them again. If you are lucky, your WinRAR file will open successfully without requesting you to provide the encryption passwords.

Method Five — Bypass WinRAR Passwords By Guessing Commonly-used Passwords

Its the simplest of all the methods listed here. Unfortunately, it scores lowest in terms of successfully guessing the correct passwords. The method also scores slightly higher success rates when the original creators take on the guesswork — it relies on the intuitive power and recalls the memory of the guesser.

It may also be helpful if the guesser can recall the password string they commonly use.

Either way, here are helpful incites to guide you towards correctly guessing the correct passwords:

● Try the passwords you frequently used for most of your online registrations.

● Use the passwords you regularly use, such as 6799, abcdef, 654321, 0000, among others.

● Try other variants deriving from close family members, names of pets you are fond of or only the year of your birthday.

1 vj54Wg8WB19pl7eH2quwA

What Method is Best at Breaking RAR File Passwords?

We’ve gone through several methods to help you bypass WinRAR passwords which are either lost or forgotten.

Which is best from all of them? It’s relative. Therefore, select your password cracking tool concerning the following factors in mind:

● Passwords recovery rate,

● Passwords recovery speed

● Compatibility with your .RAR archives

● Data privacy/ security

The table here below can help you decide which method best suits your case best.

1FWuKd9NpuW VlOzfd5MWkA

Accordingly, concerning the above tabulation, the best choice goes to Passper for RAR Why? It has little for limitations, straightforward interface and scores highest concerning password recovery rates and speeds.

Parting Notes

Archiving of files helps in storage space management. Whenever users are required to access files from their archives, they must produce authentic passwords.

In case it’s lost, as the user, you have to know to bypass WinRar passwords. Here, you’ll find a helpful resource for that. Users who get online will approach the removal of passwords using a variety of terms. They include unlocking, cracking, or online removal of passwords for accessing files within Rar archives.

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