System tip: Create invisible and confidential “disks”

If you have confidential files that you have to keep in your computer, creating a hidden virtual disk is a proven way to do it. We can use Secret Disk software to create an invisible confidential “disk” where we can store confidential files and information, which is usually invisible to others, and when we want to access the files in this disk, we can make the hidden disk appear with a password.

1. Basic setup of the software

First, install and run the Secret Disk software. The first time the software runs, you need to set a 4-digit PIN as the software’s protection password (Figure 1). This PIN is the password for entering the software, not the password for entering the encrypted disk, which we will set later.


After the PIN code is set, enter the main interface of the software and click the Settings button in the left column of the pane to make some basic settings. Select option 1 if you want to lock the computer when the password or PIN is entered incorrectly; select option 2 if you want to turn off PIN entry requests when starting the software; select option 3 if you want the program icon to reside in the system tray after the software starts (the two sub-options below are the options to hide the disk icon and the pop-up menu after the screen saver starts or the system is locked); if you want the password to be entered error, to display a warning message when logged into a Windows account, to notify the user if someone is trying to access the encrypted disk, select option 4; option 5 is a switch to display the approximate space used by the software (Figure 2).


2. Virtual disk definition and password setting

Click the virtual disk icon in the right pane of the main interface of the software (Figure 3). Then enter the next setting window, specify a disk letter in the list box under Choose disk letter and description, and enter the name or description of the virtual disk in the input box behind. Click on the link Set new password below to set the access password for the encrypted disk (different from the software PIN code mentioned above).


3. Use of the confidential disk

After the software is set up, click the Open disk button in the software interface to open the confidential disk, then the disk letter will appear in the explorer, and we can operate various files in the disk as we usually do with other disks. When the operation is finished, click the Close disk button and the software will pop up a window showing that the disk has been closed and invisible, which means that the disk has been closed and hidden, and the disk letter then disappears from the Explorer (Figure 4).


Tip: Secret Disk is fully compatible with systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The free version of the software can only create virtual disks of up to 2GB.

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