Office hacks: create rotating decay animation for PPT

In the slide show, if the LOGO on the slide appears with a rotating and gradually decaying animation effect, it will be the icing on the cake for the slide. In the actual production process, it is easier to achieve the animation effect as described above by using the Pocket Animation PA plug-in in PPT.

First, download and install the Pocket Animation PA plug-in. Create a new blank slide, set the background color, insert the required LOGO picture (preferably round), if not round, you can select the LOGO picture, select the “Format” tab, click “Crop → Crop to Shape → Ellipse” This time the LOGO picture into an oval, and then change its parameters, so that its length and width are equal, so that the LOGO picture into a circle (Figure 1).


Next, select the “Pocket Animation PA” tab, click “Box Version”, then it will switch to “Pro Version”. Select the logo image, click “Animation Storm”, click “+” in the pop-up window of “Animation List”, select “Custom Animation “, then click “+” in the “Action List”, select “Basic Properties”, select the added “X Coordinate” property, in the “Properties” tab on the right, click the drop-down list on the right side of “Property Type”, and select “Rotate”, so that The “X coordinate” property will now be the “Rotation” property. In the “Animation frame point setting”, select “Frame 1” in the current frame, and enter “#ppt_r+30*sin(10*pi*$)*(1-$)” in the formula. . At the current frame, select “frame 2”, set the time to 1, and set the value to 1. This will enable the rotation decay animation effect (Figure 2).


Tip: “#ppt_r” in the formula represents the initial value of the swing angle; “+” represents the rotation start direction, “positive” means to the right, “negative” means to the left; “30” represents the swing angle range; “10” represents 2 times the number of swings; “(1-$) “negative” means to the left; “30” represents the swing angle range; “10” represents 2 times the number of swinging back and forth; “(1-$) ” represents to make the swing amplitude decay.

Of course, you can also add animation effects for the LOGO image again. Similarly, select the LOGO picture, and then in the “animation list” click “+”, select “preset into the type → zoom”, select the animation effect, in the Click “↑” at “Animation list” to put it on top of the custom animation; select the custom animation (i.e. rotate decay animation) in the animation list, select “Animation timing” tab, and select “After last” in the trigger mode. In this way, when the mouse is clicked, the LOGO image will be scaled and displayed before the rotation decay animation effect (Figure 3).


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