Creating a basic form in Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word 2019 has a huge range of form templates you can use oredit. To access these templates, click on the File | Newoption and choose to access the templates. In the search text area, typein Forms to locate all the form templates within Word 2019.Follow these steps:

  1. Open an existing form or create a new form. For this example, wewill open an existing form and examine its contents.
  2. Let’s open the form called Request for Use ofVacation.docx.
  3. To fill out this form, simply press Tab on the keyboard tojump from one control to another to fill in the informationrequired.
  4. You will notice that when navigating, controls are graywhen clicked, indicating that they are content controls.
  5. To view the properties of the content controls, simply click on therequired control and select the Properties icon on the Controls group.
  6. The Properties dialog box willopen, thus allowing you to make changes:
ms office 283
  1. To delete a content control, right-click the control and click onRemove Content Control.
  2. To add a control, click into a table cell (tables are the best wayto construct forms as it keeps everything in line and when in a tabularform, navigating is really easy using the Tab key). Let’s usethe cell that contained the content control we just removed.
  3. Select content control from the Controls group. For this example, we willuse the Date Picker Content Control.
  4. Time for a challenge! Let’s see if you are able to replicate thefollowing form using the content controls from the Controls group and some tableformatting:
ms office 418
  1. You will use the following content controls – Rich TextContent Control, Plain Text Content Control, Picture Content Control,Check Box Content Control, Combo Box Content Control, Drop Down ListContent Control, and Date Picker Content Control.
  1. Add the following options for the Combo Box Content Control and theDrop Down List Content Control. For the Pets Agecontent control, simply add your own range of ages:
ms office 809

Now, you know how to insert and enter data into a content control. Inthe next section, we will look at legacy content controls and gettingthe form ready for distribution.

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