Creating a custom slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

The Custom Slide Show feature inPowerPoint is extremely useful when you need to create several differentshows within one PowerPoint presentation. Not all slides apply to allaudiences, so different categories of slides can be sent to a customshow and named as such so that you can present just the right contentfor a particular audience, without having different presentations fordifferent audiences/content:

  1. To create a custom show, click on the Slide Show tab on the ribbon.
  2. Click on the Custom Slide Showicon.
  3. Choose Custom Shows…asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 600
  1. Click on the New… icon.
  2. Name the slide show by typing text into the Define Custom Show dialog box.
  3. Click to select slides to add to the custom show. 
  1. Use the Add>> icon to movethe slides to the right side of the dialog box, to be included in thenew custom show. Click on OK whendone. Note: it’s very important to make sure that slides are included ina specific order (especially if preparing for an international computerexamination).
  2. The new custom show will appear in the Custom Shows dialog box.
  3. To make changes, click on the Edit… icon.
  4. To delete the custom show, click on the Remove icon.
  5. To display the show, click on the Show icon.
  6. Click on Close when done.
  7. The new custom show will be visible when clicking on the Custom Slide Show icon on the Slide Show tab.

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