Creating a Make Table query in Microsoft Access 2019

A Make Table query is great forcopying, archiving, or backing up data. It retrieves data from a queryor table and then dumps it into a new table in the same database or anew database, depending on your requirements. Note that you can selectdata from more than one table or query result to create a new table. Tocreate such a query, follow these steps:

  1. We will use the OutstandingAccounts query in the exampledatabase to create a new table.
  2. Click on the Query Design iconlocated on the Create tab.
  3. The query design will open and will prompt the user, via the Show Table dialog box, to select a table orquery on which to base the new query. Select the Queries tab and choose the OutstandingAccounts query. Double-click orclick on the Add icon to select thequery. Click the Close icon to returnto the query grid.
  4. Add the fields that will make up the new table fields to the querygrid. You can select all the fields using the Shift-clickmethod and drag them out of the table onto the grid.
  1. To create the new table, choose the MakeTable query from the Query Typegroup, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 167
  1. Enter a Table Name for the newtable into the Make Table dialog box.Type OutstandingAcc into the text area provided, asillustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 242
  1. Choose whether to create a new table in the current database or adifferent database. Click on the OKicon to continue.
  2. The new table will not be created until the Run icon is selected. Click the Run icon from the Results group.
  1. The user will be prompted with an information box, indicating howmany rows will be sent to a new table. Click on Yes to continue, as shown in the followingscreenshot:

  1. The new table called OutstandingAcc appears in the Table group on the Navigation Pane.Double-click to open the new table and view the contents in Datasheet View.
  2. Please note that the new table is created but the existing query isnot yet saved! Should you be running this query again to make a newtable, then save the query design. Save the query asMakeOutsAcc. Also, note that running the query again to makethe table will first delete the current table and replace it with thenew one, as shown in the following screenshot:
ms office 848
  1. The Make Table query will residein the Query group on the NavigationPane. Note the icon it has been assigned, which indicates it is a Make Table query.

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