Creating a new style in Microsoft Word 2019

Word 2019 also offers styles, which are a named set of formattingconditions to help you create a consistent-looking document, which isespecially useful for documents with more than one page. Instead ofhaving to apply multiple attributes, such as the color, size, font,spacing, and alignment, separately on each part of your document, Wordoffers predefined collections of attributes that can be quickly appliedto parts of your document. 

The existing styles in the Word 2019 environment are located underthe Home tab. Title, Heading1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 are the most popular options. Youwill also see the Normal style in theStyles drop-down list:

ms office 351
  1. Select some text in the document and format the text, choosingthe formats of your choice (for example, underline, dark blue color,size 12, and theCourgette fonttype):
ms office 260
  1. With your selected text still highlighted, click on thedrop-down arrow of the Stylesgroup and select Create aStyle:
ms office 431
  1. A dialog box will appear asking you to name the style:
ms office 305
  1. Click on Modify… to access moreoptions relating to the style.
  2. Click OK to save the style to thegallery:
ms office 873
  1. The new style is now visible in the Styles group and you can apply it to otherheadings or text throughout your document.

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