Creating a note in Microsoft Outlook 2019

A note is a useful space to jot down thoughts andideas within Outlook 2019. You can drag notes from Outlook 2019 to yourWindows desktop so that they are always visible, even when you are notin the Outlook application. Notes can be categorized in the same way asany other item within Outlook:

  1. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the Navigation Pane toaccess the Notes option:
ms office 349
  1. The notes window will open. Click on the New Note icon to create a new note: 

ms office 358

  1. The New Note icon opens at the topof the Outlook window in a separate window and can be moved to thedesktop while Outlook is open:
ms office 96
  1. Type some text into your new note, then close the note using theX symbol at the top-right corner ofthe screen. The note is added to the Notes pane. The first line of the note’stext becomes its title.

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