Creating a report based on a table orquery in Microsoft Access 2019

Reports can be created in Designview using the wizard. It is always recommended that tables andqueries are created in Design view,and that reports and forms are created with Report Wizard:

  1. Open the database that you would like to create a report for. Wewill continue to use SSGSchoolDB.accdb, as in the previousexample.
  2. Click on the Create tab and locatethe Reports group. Choose the Report Wizard icon and the report wizardwill open:
ms office 685
  1. Select a table to create the report on using the drop-down arrow atthe top of the dialog box.
  2. Select the fields for the report from the Available Fields: box by double-clicking onthe field name. Alternatively, select a field and click on the arrow toplace it in the Selected Fields: area.One thing to be aware of is that the fields are added in order ofselection. So, if you want the Name field to be listed on thereport before the Surname field, then you need to select thatfield first.
  3. Click on Next > tocontinue:
ms office 201
  1. Click to select a field to group the report by. In this case, weselected Grade, so the report will group the data by grade.Double-click on the field to add it to the preview pane:
ms office 348
  1. Click Next > to move on to thenext step. The next step allows the user to sort fields in either Ascending or Descending order:
ms office 725
  1. Choose a layout for the report and whether you want it to bepresented in a Landscape or Portrait layout.
  2. Click Next > to continue. Thelast step is to name the report before previewing it. Click on Finish to view the report.
  3. The finished report, grouped by Grade, is displayed inthe database window:
ms office 57
  1. To view the report in Design view,click on the Close Print Preview option located at the topright-hand side of the window to exit the preview.
  2. After exiting, the report will automatically move to Design view. To change the view to Report View, click on the View icon (located directly below the File tab). To view the report in Layout view, click on the View icon again. Layout View allows you to preview changes asthey are made to the report:
ms office 427
  1. When creating a report from a table that contains values, you canperform summary calculations (such as sum,average, maximum, and minimum)automatically through the wizard.  When this option is chosen,the calculation results are also added automatically in theform. The SummaryOptions… option is located at the bottom of the sort optionsstep in the wizard:
ms office 176

You have now learned how to create a report using Report Wizard in this section. We will learnhow to perform calculations on a report in the next topic.

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