Creating a report header or footer in Microsoft Access 2019

A header is the area at the top of a form orreport, while the footer is located at the bottom of a form or report.When text is entered into the header or footer of a report, it willrepeat at the top or bottom of the report and is visible when in thePrint Preview mode or in Report View. There are many sets of headersand footers that you can use in Access forms and reports.

These are explained in the following table:

ReportHeader Appears only once on the very firstpage of the report and will most likely contain elements such as companylogo, the main report title, or the date.
PageHeader Appears at the top of every page inthe report and will contain elements such as a report’s title or pagenumber. 
ReportFooter Displays directly after the last rowof data and above the report’s page footer on the very last page of thereport.
PageFooter Shown at the bottom of each page in thereport and can contain elements such as the date or page numbers.
The GroupHeader section This is the field that is grouped on anddisplays just before a group of rows (records).
The GroupFooter section This contains elements such as group totals,sums, averages, counts, and minimum and maximum values, and appears justafter a group of records.


Let’s take a visual look at the options available and wherethey are situated on a report:

ms office 535

Now that we have an understanding of the header and footer elements,let’s put this into practice:

  1. Open StudentsReport from the previous example and makesure you are in Design view.
  2. If Report Header is not visible inDesign view, right-click at the top ofthe report and choose ReportHeader/Footer from the drop-down list:

  1. Alternatively, place your mouse pointer in between the Report Header and Page Header text. A double arrow willappear. Hold your mouse down and drag downward to create a space for thereport header:
ms office 482
  1. Click on the Controls icon andselect the Label control, located inthe Controls group.
  2. Click and drag to create a Labelcontrol in the desired position, and then type the header text into thecontrol box.
  3. Format the Label control just asyou would any other text, but make sure that you select the controlfirst. Once the label is selected, click on the Format tab to access all the formattingoptions. Click the Save icon on theQAT to save the changes.
  4. Click on Report View to see thechanges made. To create a report footer, you will need to follow thesesteps exactly. 

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