Creating and applying cell styles in Microsoft Excel 2019

A style is a collection of formats that can be applied to cellcontents. In Excel, you will find predefined cell styles to use thatwill save you time and give you a professional finish to your workbook.You may also create your own style and save it for use in any workbook.General formatting of font, size, attributes, and text color has beenaddressed in previous chapters of this book, and the procedure isexactly the same in all Office applications. We will cover some of thesewithin this section, but not as a separate topic:

  1. Click on the cell or select the cells to which you wish to apply astyle.
  2. Click on the HomeStyles group.
  1. Click to choose the Cell Stylesicon, after which a drop-down list will appear with style options.
  2. Choose a style to suit your cell and its content.
  3. The style applies to the selected text. To remove a style, make surethe text is selected, and then select Normal from the Cell Styles drop-down list.

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